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If you are looking to try your hand at creating your own pieces with Promise Epoxy, Uniquely Yours by Haley is the perfect place to start. With her expertise and knowledge, she can help you create the perfect piece. Plus, use the code UniquelyYours for 10% off your order!

Unique Artistic Pieces


Uniquely Yours by Haley offers artistic pieces that will transform your space. From jewelry and home decor to unique woodworking pieces, Haley’s pieces are designed to be unique and bring joy to those who view them. With her expert knowledge of floral encapsulations, deep pour epoxy, geode art, and more you can trust Haley to create top quality art with Promise Epoxy.

Haley has a deep understanding of our Deep Pour Epoxy, a high-performance epoxy resin that is perfect for creating unique floral encapsulations, and other pieces that showcase the hidden beauty of the simplest things. Deep Pour is clear casting resin designed for deep pours, encapsulations, geode art, and much more. Haley can help guide you in creating your own pieces with this product.

Check out her social media to learn how to create floral encapsulations, geode art, and more!

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Haley from Uniquely Yours is an official Promise Epoxy affiliate, which means you can get 10% off your order when you use her coupon code UniquelyYours. Get started crafting your own unique artwork with the help of Promise Epoxy and Uniquely Yours.

Resin for encapsulations

Crystal clear blue topographical coffee table with books and Deep Pour Resin bottles on top.

Surface Coating Resin

Why Do Top Artists Like Uniquely Yours Choose Promise Epoxy?


The same trusted formula as the old Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic and Art Pro ensures you get that perfect clear casting resin finish every time! Promise Epoxy is the rebranding of our previous sister brands ProMarine Supplies and Incredible Solutions.


Table Top Epoxy is specifically designed as an artisan fast set epoxy, made for artists who demand top-quality results and the perfect surface coating.

Deep Pour Epoxy is specifically crafted for castings, river tables, and deep pours with a high gloss finish and crystal clear consistency.


Keep your beautiful epoxy resin wall art and river table projects safe from harmful UV rays with added UV inhibitors in our UV Art Resin formula.

All epoxy yellows over time, but with added UV protection, Art Resin will keep your projects looking their best.

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The epoxy calculator helps you accurately estimate the amount of epoxy resin you'll need for your projects, ensuring you don't waste a drop.



Use the code UniquelyYours at checkout for 10% off your order

Crystal clear blue topographical coffee table with books and Deep Pour Resin bottles on top.
Wood vanity with a seashell wreath and Promise Epoxy UV Art resin bottles in the sunlight.