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Welcome to the exclusive landing page for Karen Hammond Art, your go-to destination for stunning ocean resin art and coastal home decor. Karen Hammond has gained widespread recognition for her unparalleled ability to create breathtaking ocean waves using Promise Table Top Epoxy. Her artwork is perfect for those who want to add the calming beauty of the ocean to their homes.

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In addition to our range of art products, be sure to follow Karen Hammond Art on social media to access fantastic videos on crafting the perfect resin waves. These helpful tutorials can help enhance your skills, allowing you to create mesmerizing ocean art pieces with your own unique touch.

What are people saying about Karen?

Karen's experience and talent are unmatched when it comes to crafting stunning coastal home decor items and ocean artwork using epoxy resin. She has a lot of experience with creating stunning ocean art, managing her small business, and is a great resource to learn from!

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Here's what Karen uses to create her ocean resin art pieces. Her stunning wave cells are crafted using pigment dyes and table top epoxy in layers for added depth and artistry. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore epoxy resin art or an experienced artist wanting to hone your craft, we've got the perfect products for you.

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Top 3 Tips When Working With Resin


Come up with a plan before you touch epoxy. You only have so long once you mix it before it starts to cure. It's better to come up with a solid plan before you begin!


There isn't anything that you can do to cure epoxy quicker. Be patient and allow it to fully cure before touching or removing it from the mold.


The possibilities with epoxy are endless! Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.


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Crystal clear blue topographical coffee table with books and Deep Pour Resin bottles on top.
Wood vanity with a seashell wreath and Promise Epoxy UV Art resin bottles in the sunlight.