Can I use Promise Epoxy Resin on a vertical surface or as a backsplash?

Epoxy tends to run and drag very easily. Here are some tips to help you apply your epoxy on a vertical surface.

Turning Your Object or Surface

If possible, turn the object or surface you are coating horizontally so the epoxy can be applied lying down. Once the epoxy is cured, you can set your surface upright in the vertical position again.

Brushing Epoxy Onto A Vertical Surface

For a clear coat – If you are unable to turn your surface horizontally, the best alternative is to apply light coats using a brush and continue building up the layers until you reach the thickness you desire.

Brushstrokes might be left behind when using this technique. By using a heat gun or a plumber’s torch after applying the epoxy, you can thin the epoxy on the surface to remove these lines left from the brush. Be careful not to burn the epoxy using the heat gun or torch. We recommend practicing on a small test sample so you can test the effects of these tips.

For colored counter tops – apply a base coat to your vertical surfaces (backsplash and trim), the consistency of epoxy tends to follow the laws of gravity and drip off the vertical edges, if you paint those surfaces, you will not have a visible substrate underneath. The rest of your base coat goes into your epoxy and is poured over the horizontal surfaces.