Cleaning Epoxy Resin Tools - The Ultimate Guide


hands with gloves dipping a small tool into a silicone mold full of blue tinted resin

We all know the struggle of trying to clean epoxy resin off your tools, and yeah it can be a sticky mess. Ready to get those epoxy resin tools sparkling clean without all the mess? Here's our easy-peasy guide on cleaning epoxy resin tools so you can maintain the best resin arsenal and workspace. There are two main ways to remove uncured resin from your epoxy tools - solvents, and the non-chemical method. Let's dive into both so you can decide the best method for you.

1) Non-Chemical Method:

Cleaning Epoxy Resin Tools Using Household Materials


  • Gather your tools: wax paper, non-stick cooking spray, dish soap, paper towels.

  • Lay down wax paper to protect your work area. A clean space is a happy space.

  • Got sticky resin? Scrape it off with a paper towel. Quick, easy, and works especially well with resin before it even begins the curing process. 

  • Spray a bit of non-stick cooking spray into those measuring cups, add some dish soap, and scrub away. 

  • Wipe everything clean with a paper towel.

  • Rinse with warm soapy water and dry them off for next time. Ready for another round of creativity! 


While these methods frequently use products you likely already have in the home, they're not always the most effective method. But they do work great when you're in a pinch!


2) Using Solvents


Working with resin is so much fun! But it can also be a huge pain because it tends to get everywhere - especially when you're just getting used to the material. Using isopropyl alcohol can also be effective, but it's definitely not the safest material to use when you're trying to remove uncured resin. That's where Resin Quick Clean comes in, because it's basically the superhero we didn't know we needed in our epoxy arsenal. Our innovative formula effortlessly dissolves uncured epoxy resin while ensuring your projects remain mess-free. Here's the key benefits of using Resin Quick Clean for cleaning epoxy resin toos: 

  • Dissolves Epoxy Resin: This magic potion (well, more of a serum really) swiftly deals with uncured epoxy resin, making it vanish without a trace.
  • Gentle on Skin: No more harsh scrubbing! It cleans up your skin gently while keeping it safe from harsh chemicals.
  • Minimizes Stains: Spilled some? Don’t panic. Resin Quick Clean helps keep those nasty stains off your favorite fabrics and carpets.
  • Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Crafted from bio-based and eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Formulated & Blended in the USA: Proudly formulated and blended right here in the USA, and guarantees top-notch quality and reliability. 


male hand holding a bottle of promise epoxy resin quick clean 

Learn more about Resin Quick Clean here. 

Checkout these two ways to use Resin Quick Clean.


Voila! Your tools are now as good as new and are ready for your next epoxy adventure. Remember, clean tools are happy tools and a happy tool makes for a happy resin artist. 

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