Writings in Resin

Jun 15th 2023

Writings in Resin

Epoxy Resin Signs

Epoxy Encasements – for Words (& Images) with Meaning

We all have favorite sayings, quotes, catch phrases and other words that inspire and motivate us. Capturing these and displaying them on desks, dressers and walls remind us of special memories and positive experiences, or push us to forge through challenging times - knowing that we will persevere - coming out just fine on the other side…

For some, working with wood, canvas or another foundation medium upon which to write and display your “words of meaning;” and then preserving the plague or wall art in epoxy resin is a great way to express oneself. Motivational, and possibly emotional, verse that is openly displayed can be a great catalyst for inspiration, positive action and sense of purpose - both to yourself - and others. (And we can all use plenty of that…)

While for others, powerful imagery speaks to them more than words. (As a picture is worth a thousand words after all…). Many create laser etchings crafted in wood of favored images - with or without phrases – then sealed with epoxy resin to protect and preserve. Personalized quotes may also be “wood burned” – the process of which may be a fond memory in itself for those of us who had these kits when we were younger.

Whether an artist chooses engraving, etching, wood burning or another medium altogether to express their unique thoughts through words, images or both; the pieces displayed provide insight into their persona. And some artisans turn personalized plagues and wall hangings into entrepreneurial businesses – hand-crafting captivating pieces for homes and offices. We found great examples of epoxy resin plaques, and their businesses, on etsy.com:

Epoxy Resin Sign

Epoxy Resin Art Plaque “Something Wonderful” on Walnut & Maple by ExecutiveForest

A river table resin art project made with bright cyan deep pour resin

Epoxy River Plaque by KHEpoxyArt

And, by the way, my favorite saying is, “It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out. It’s the grain of sand in your shoe.” This verse was hung in my father’s den - and one day he gave it to me where in now hangs in my home. I took it to mean two things; one - there isn’t anything you can’t overcome, and two – don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff).