How to Make Resin Petri Dish Coasters


How to Make Resin Petri Dish Coasters

Alright, let's dive into the colorful world of creating resin petri dish coasters – but this time, with a twist of Promise Epoxy flair. Today, we are going to talk about one such technique: creating whimsical, colorful coasters using alcohol inks via the petri dish effect. 


What the Petri Dish Resin Effect?


The main working component in the petri dish effect is white opaque pigment. Since it is heavier than the other colors and settles down to the bottom in resin, you can use drops of it on top of every other color to push the dye all the way through the resin. The results are mind-blowing and, dare we say, other-worldly!


What You'll Need to Get Started



Steps For Creating Resin Petri Dish Coasters


  1. Get Your Set Up Right - choose a crafting space with good ventilation and a stable climate, preferably around the magical number of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures your resin will mix and pour crystal clear!
  2. Measure & Mix Your Resin - measuring by volume, and following the 1:1 ratio, combine the epoxy (part A) and the hardener (part B).
  3. Add Your Colorant - set up several small containers, one for each of the different colors you plan on using, and add a few drops of your selected colors to each. Save some of your clear resin from your initial mix!!!
  4. Opaque White - add a few drops of white opaque pigment to each of the selected cups. 
  5. Pour - take your remaining clear resin mix and pour it into your mold. Your pour should be around 1/4" when using Table Top Epoxy. 
  6. Remove Bubbles - using a heat gun or blow torch, gently heat the surface of your poured epoxy to remove any pesky bubbles. If you are using a blow torch be careful around the edges of your silicone mold. If too much heat is applied you'll wreck your mold. 
  7. Add Your Colors - use a pipette to pipe drops of the various colors into your resin. This is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild! Try your favorite color combinations or something entirely new. 
  8. Let It Cure - wait at least 24 hours for your coasters to cure before you demold. Before you start using your coasters, wait 5-7 days for a full cure. 
  9. Demold - voila! You're coasters are done. 


Watch The Full Tutorial Here 👇



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