Fun With Epoxy!

Jun 15th 2023

Fun With Epoxy!

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

For all Epoxy’s Business & Commercial Applications – Shouldn’t there be room for a little fun too?

"Have you ever walked into a restaurant and seen wooden tables with pennies or sea shells buried inside of them? Perhaps you have seen a bar that has a high gloss shine on it; one that enables the bartender to slide a glass across without scratching up the finish. You can create the same type of bar or tables for your home. It is not difficult to do. You simply need to create your table and add a little epoxy," from epoxycountertopdiy.

There are a wide variety of applications for epoxy resin – from commercial and industrial applications in construction and marine use – to residential use for home projects and repair. But today, we’re going to focus on the creative uses of this flexible material and it’s more whimsical applications – from home furnishings and decoration - to art and craft projects…

Artisan & Crafters Use Epoxy Resin

Crafters use epoxy in their wares for a wide variety of art projects – creating decorative and utilitarian objects for use around the home. Innovative artist Kathy Cano-Murillo of CraftyChica, for instance, lists a number of artistic ideas including jewelry and glassware, as well as coatings for myriad household accessories and furnishings to create stylized items with a personal touch. Her inspired epoxy-based creations include photo frames, bar stools, piñatas, chimes and even custom miniature home replicas using Lego building blocks!

Counter, bar, and tabletop epoxy - epoxy is ideal for protecting wood from water damage or scratches, as you've probably seen at your favorite restaurant, pub or bar. It may be employed as a coating or an adhesive and is known for its durability and protective qualities. And creatively, epoxy may be used for assembling and attaching items that are decorative to wood or glass and then layered to seal and protect creative craft projects.

Table Top Epoxy Resin

Gleaming Counter Surface with Table Top Epoxy Resin

"Epoxy is used for a variety of projects. In the past, epoxy was used mostly for boats. It is a great alternative to fiberglass and in many ways but it is easier to work with, especially on flat surfaces. However, now it is used for so much more. Some people use it to protect wooden surfaces; they may use it on floors, cement and wooden countertops, decoupage masterpieces, and preserving treasures that they may have acquired over the years.

“It can be used as a coating or an adhesive. You can use it to attach items that are decorative to wood or glass and then put a layer of epoxy over it to protect your creative ideas," epoxycountertopdiy.

The uses of epoxy are only limited by your imagination and creativity. For everything from restoring and building furniture and cabinets, to repairing and reinforcing craft projects – epoxy is a great do-it-yourself adhesive and material for a wide variety of home projects!