Epoxy Resin Appliance Repair & Refinishing

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin Appliance Repair & Refinishing

Epoxy Resin Appliance Repair & Refinishing

Fixing a Broken Vacuum (so that it will suck once again) & Epoxy Appliance Paint…

One thing about being sequestered in your home – it gives you the opportunity and time to, as the English say, “have a clear out.” We’ve hauled bags of clothes, tchotchkes (mostly gifts we’ve never used) and other assorted items out of various closets and cubbyholes to the garage for donation. And after a good “clear out” it’s time for a good cleaning – and that’s when the vacuum started “screaming” and the handle on the upright broke off in my wife’s hand…

Now vacuuming for us is one of those oxymoronic chores – in that the task will suck if the appliance doesn’t. (Vacuuming kind of sucks at the best of times anyway.) So, with the ear-piercing shriek in our heads, and the handle in pieces, we decided it might be time for vacuum maintenance and repair! So, we laid out the “patient” on the worktable for “surgery.”

Figuring the high-pitch whine could be oiled away, I used silicone lubricant on the roller wheels and housing. The handle however, was going to have to be re-attached using something with superior adhesion and bonding properties…hmmm…anyone have an idea as to what I used?? So, after repairing the old Hoover with ProMarine Supplies epoxy resin (you did guess correctly, didn’t you?), and letting it cure – we were back to vacuuming!

Epoxy Paint for a Nice Finish

Aside from repairs for appliances, epoxy resin is used for finishes on indoor metal surfaces including refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers (but not those exposed to high heat like ovens and stoves). Appliance epoxy paint protects surfaces from moisture and scratches, and refreshes finishes on appliances that may be older but still in good repair – without spending hundreds or possible thousands of dollars for new.

Appliance Epoxy Paints may be purchased online or in your local hardware store for as little as $20.00, are self-priming and make a world of difference in sprucing up kitchens and utility rooms. There are several resources to help you through this DIY process such as ‘ How to Paint a Refrigerator with Epoxy Paint’ on sfgate.com – complete with step-by step instructions.

For the more innovative and artistic DIYers out there, Debra Immergut features several ‘stylish options’ to transform appliances from humdrum into decorative highlights in her piece on bobvila.com ‘ Ugly Appliances? 7 Easy Makeovers that Totally Transform.’

“What do you do with an ugly fridge or an unsightly dishwasher? If your budget dictates that you won't be upgrading to this year's sleek new models, there's still hope for your home. With a little flair for inventiveness and some basic supplies, you can transform—or even disguise—any appliance that doesn't suit your style.”