DIY Epoxy Resin Baseball Card Tables

Jul 31st 2023

DIY Epoxy Resin Baseball Card Tables

Epoxy Resin Baseball Card Table

Epoxy Resin Baseball Card Table by Mod Podge Rocks

Sealing, Showing & Sharing Encapsulated Memorabilia

After a shortened season last year, baseball fans are looking forward to getting back to the regular 162 games (plus postseason) that they’re used to. And one of the things about baseball fans, is that most of them are also sport memorabilia fans – in that they collect something – whether it’s baseball cards, pennants, programs or the ball themselves as a token of their fandom…

And, as in many hobbies, with the collecting also comes the displaying. One of the ways to showcase collected memorabilia is via a unique piece of handcrafted furniture, be it an end table, coffee table or bar top. A baseball souvenir collection of printed material and small tokens may be arranged for display on a piece of wood or other material, and encased in epoxy resin for protection, personalization and posterity.

One of the many attributes of collectors is their pride of ownership and the accolades received by others from the finding, gathering and displaying of their acquisitions. While the audience may be small in number, who hasn’t heard from a friend or family member about their “steal of a deal” about some collectible or other?

Epoxy Resin Baseball Tables – for the Love of the Game

A quick search revealed several baseball memorabilia craftspeople, designing and building a variety of hobby furnishings to display their beloved “trophies” of the game. The two that caught our eye were baseball side tables that are easy to build from Ikea Hackers (below) and the Mod Podge Rocks blog (pictured above) …

Epoxy Resin Baseball Card Table

Epoxy Resin Baseball Memorabilia Table by Steve on Ikea Hackers

Steve from New York explains on his Ikea Hackers post How I Made a Baseball Side Table with Glue and Resin how easy it is to layout and seal a unique furnishing using baseball cards, a standard end table, a glue gun and glue sticks and of course, epoxy resin. “I used a hot glue to affix the baseball cards to the tabletop. Remember to wipe clean the table and let it dry first to avoid any other material sticking onto your cards.” Steve then sealed the entire tabletop with epoxy resin creating an impact and moisture resistant surface that will last for years.

And David author of This Baseball Card Table Uses Simple Suppliesfrom the Mod Podge Rocks blog “takes on a unique furniture project: a themed baseball card table. He uses simple supplies from the hardware store – you can do it too! Use printouts or real baseball cards. Skills Required: Intermediate. I recommend having prior crafting experience before attempting. You’ll need to use tools to assemble wood pieces as well as use epoxy.”

So, whatever your collectible passion may be, part of the fun and satisfaction is the proper displaying of the gathered pieces – especially for sports fans! Play Ball!