Capturing Keepsakes (& Fond Memories) in Epoxy Resin

Jun 15th 2023

Capturing Keepsakes (& Fond Memories) in Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Crafting

Protect & Display Cherished Mementos for Posterity

Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we have the luxury of being able to wander in the great outdoors year-round in beautiful weather. This leads to some great seaside explorations, where one can gather a collection of a variety of treasures from the sea such as shells, driftwood and sea glass. I know many people who collect these pieces as mementos of their vacation travels and local wanderings – and then create imaginative displays using epoxy resin

Highlighting a collection of items that evoke fond memories of good times, treasured people and idyllic places, is a very personal endeavor. And the ways that these tokens of affection are displayed are as numerous and unique as one’s imagination. Some like to integrate their treasures into a piece of furniture for instance, while others wish to create a freestanding objet such as a paperweight – revealing their souvenirs.

A recent video, Let’s Make a Keepsake Board succinctly shows the process to create one type of timeless memento display. And speaking of boards, collected keepsakes may also be displayed on cutting boards, serving trays and other kitchen accessories and furnishings as featured in this GUIDE.

Crafty Ideas in Epoxy Resin

Another popular and crafty idea is to incorporate collected items into home and office furnishings as well as free-standing artwork. For instance, artisan and entrepreneur Larry Anderson of Artistic Illusions, uses unusual items in his art – “employing materials like broken concrete, sea coral, rustic debris - all combined with epoxy resin.” For ideas and inspiration, you can see Larry’s story and artwork examples HERE.

Mementos may also become accents in epoxy resin art such as sculptures and wall hangings. Statuary, picture frames and the framed artwork itself may be adorned with shells, bits of colored ceramic and glass as well as a variety of other small personal objects. For more epoxy resin sculpture and wall art ideas, check out this GUIDE.

Vacations, holidays and other time well spent, are tales of both memory and memento. When we view and touch pieces collected on our travel excursions, whether they be global adventures, or nearby staycations, the experiences that these items evoke, along with fond thoughts and emotions – keep cherished mementos close at hand - and memories near to our hearts.