Ask Dr. Resin – Epoxy Pro Corner

Jun 15th 2023

Ask Dr. Resin – Epoxy Pro Corner

Epoxy Resin FAQs

Our Resident Epoxy Pro Columnist Answers Some Unusual (tongue-in-cheek) Inquiries…

Dear Dr. Resin – I’ve been taking some French cooking classes for several weeks now, and just can’t keep my souffle from falling flat. Do you suppose some epoxy resin would work to hold it in place? Signed, Frazzled Chef

Dear Frazzled - While versatile epoxy resin may be used in so many ways – using it within food is something we don’t recommend. When we say it’s “food safe,” we don’t mean as an ingredient, but as a viable polymer to create so many creative and useful items for the kitchen. Epoxy resin creations for the kitchen include serving trays, cutting boards, tumblers, bowls and more – all made from food-safe, FDA compliant epoxy resin. More: Art Resin for the Kitchen

Dear Epoxy Pro – I live in New England and every autumn when the leaves drop off the trees it makes me melancholy. Do you think I could attach the leaves with epoxy resin so that they wouldn’t fall? Sincerely, Falling Leaves

Dear Falling – Aside from the monumental task due to the sheer number of leaves, surreptitiously spreading epoxy resin on healthy live trees is a big no-no! Epoxy resin should only be used in a controlled environment via safe-handling procedures. However, if you’d like to incorporate the polymer into projects involving wood (preferably of the drift or harvested varieties); creating table and counter tops and accent pieces with epoxy resin coatings and decorative inlays is a great way to go! More: Epoxy Resin Furnishings

DIY Epoxy Resin Home Repair

Dr. Resin – I’ve been trying to repair an old wooden column on my porch with duct tape, a pinecone and a spork – which just isn’t cutting it! Any ideas? The UnHandyMan

Dear UnHandy – Wow! I’d like to see the inside of your toolbox. Epoxy resin is the perfect material to repair all sorts of rotting wooden window and door sills, exterior molding and yes – wooden support columns. It’s easy to use and mold into the repair, and once it hardens, it may be sanded and painted just like wood. You can read more about this and other household repairs in Home Repairs & Maintenance Using Epoxy Resin.

Well, that’s this week’s Ask Dr. Resin column. We’ll be back periodically providing epoxy resin insights – helping educate (and hopefully entertain) our Epoxy Pros out there. While the questions may be suspect – the answers and information found here are the real deal…