May the 4th Be With You: A Star Wars Craft Day

Jun 15th 2023

May the 4th Be With You: A Star Wars Craft Day

ProMarine Supplies products surrounding a finished Star Wars Grogu resin cube.

Happy Wednesday, epoxy pros! Or should we say Jedi Warriors? With the presence of May the 4th and International Space Day happening this week, our brains are in intergalactic overdrive especially where resin crafts are concerned.

Today, we’re going to be using a few different techniques to create a Star Wars themed resin encapsulation. We’ll be taking an adorable Grogu figure and encapsulating him in a largely clear resin cube, which can serve as home décor or a lamp/nightlight to show off your love of Star Wars.

So, let’s get started with our project, featuring one of the most adorable fellas in the galaxy!

Resin Star Wars Crafts: Grogu in a Cube Light

Supplies Needed:

Whether or not this is your first time using any of these resin products, it’s always a good idea to read the instructions completely before starting to mix and measure. Also, be sure all of your supplies are close by and you’re working in a safe environment. Then, you’re good to go!

(Having additional Grogu figurines nearby for emotional support is sure to make you smile, but not a requirement!)

Cube mold and Grogu figurine on display for Star War crafts resin project.

The first thing you’ll want to do is clean your mold. If this is a new mold, cleaning it with a paper towel and water should be more than enough. However, if you’ve used it before, make sure it is free of any resin debris and use either water or isopropyl alcohol to wipe it down.

A cube mold being cleaned out with paper towel.

We’re going to start with our Table Top Epoxy Resin! Measure out a small amount of equal parts Side A and Side B. With a stir stick, mix slowly and thoroughly until the resin is smooth and completely blended.

ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin being mixed for a Star Wars project.

We inserted our Grogu figurine at the bottom of the mold. To ensure the figurine doesn’t float up when the ProPour Casting Resin is poured in, we added a thin layer of Table Top epoxy resin to hold it in place.

To do this, add a ¼-inch layer of Table Top resin to the mold. This will be just enough to hold Grogu in place when he is set down into the center of the container. (During our tests for this project, we poured in too much resin, which resulted in improper curing. So make sure you don’t make the same mistake.)

ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin being poured into the bottom of a cube mold.

Grogu figurine being held up above a silicone cube mold.

Grogu figurine being placed in a cube mold with Table Top epoxy resin.

At this point, allow the Table Top resin to cure for a little bit before moving on.

Next, add the first layer of our ProPour Casting Resin. As a reminder, ProPour is measured in a 2:1 ratio, which is different from the Table Top mixing measurements.

Mix two parts resin to one part hardener and very slowly and carefully combine until the mixture is clear. This will take longer than it takes to mix the Table Top resin, so remember that patience is key!

ProMarine Supplies ProPour Casting Resin being mixed up for a Star Wars craft project.

While the mixture is still in the mixing cup, you can use a blowtorch briefly to remove any surface bubbles.

Next, slowly pour the first ProPour layer into the mold. Don’t make the first layer more than 1½ inches deep. Give this layer ample time to cure before mixing the second layer of ProPour.

ProPour Casting Resin being poured it a silicone cube mold with a Grogu figurine.

Check the consistency of the first layer of ProPour (after about two days). The surface of the first layer should not be too tacky when the second layer is poured. Mix subsequent layers of ProPour in the same way that the first layer was thoroughly combined. Allow the ProPour to cure for the same amount of time for each layer added.

When you reach the last layer, you’ll also use ProPour, but let’s mix in some color to represent the vast beauty of the galaxy. While doing our tests, we finally settled on making the top layer light purple.

To do this step, mix the ProPour as you did for the other layers. Then, using a small item such as a toothpick, scoop a tiny amount of purple mica powder (we used our Pro Mica Powder's Jellyfish Purple) into the mixture. Combine once more until the color is evenly distributed.

ProMarine Supplies ProPerfect Mica Powder being added to ProPour Casting Resin.

Pour the mixture into the mold to fill it. Again, make sure the layer is no more than 1½ inches deep. Let it cure for the time specified in the instructions.

Top layer of purple dyed ProPour Casting Resin being poured into a cube mold with a Grogu figurine.

After it’s cured, it’s time to demold. Depending on what kind of finish you want and how everything turned out, there may be a few extra steps to consider. For instance, we wanted a specific finish on our piece, so once it was demolded, it was time to sand.

Star Wars Grogu figurine resin cube being demolded.

Wipe down the cube with isopropyl alcohol before beginning the sanding process. We used a power sander starting at a grit of 120 and slowly made our way up to a grit of 3000.

The specific look that we wanted to achieve meant that we decided to only sand the front and back facing sides of the cubes. Finally, polish everything up with our Pro Perfect Epoxy Polish, and this little guy is ready to be display!

Here’s a shot of the final project with a light source underneath:

Finished Star Wars Grogu resin cube light with a light underneath.

What kind of Star Wars crafts would you make with resin? Well, let’s take a look at what others have made!

Star Wars Crafts That Are Out of This World

In the spirit of May the 4th, we’re spotlighting some Star Wars and space-themed crafts that truly reflect the resin crafting community’s dedication creating for things they love!

U.F.O. resin tray by @adrixtina on Instagram.

There’s something completely out of this world about @adrixtina’s gorgeous UFO tray!

Star Wars X-wing resin project by @devinstarkfinearts on Instagram.

@devinstarkfinearts is repping the Rebel Alliance with this incredible X-wing resin project.

Purple and silver kitchen canister lid by @resin_revival on Instagram.

We love the colors and sparkle @resin_revival has created on the lid of this kitchen canister, which look like mesmerizing galaxies on their own.

If You’re Out There, Send Us a Sign!

Without a doubt, the infinite wonders of space serve as an inspiration to us, both as human beings and creators. Whether you’re influenced by images from space or the colors scattered amongst the star clusters, you can share your appreciation of deep space in the crafts that you make.

Don’t hesitate to share your resin spaced-themed or Star War crafts with us on our various social media sites. If you have any questions about our products, or if there’s a project you’d like to see us do someday, go ahead and contact us or comment on this post.

That’s all for this week, everyone. Happy crafting and may the creative force be with you – always!

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