Meet Sarah Bolyard! Nestled in the vibrant landscapes of Northern Virginia, Sarah crafts exquisite resin art pieces for her business, Sarah's Art Garden. Since diving into the world of resin art three years ago, Sarah has evolved from preserving delicate flowers in epoxy to creating a diverse range of projects such as unique jewelry and bespoke tables.

Sarah's journey into the world of resin began by learning how to beautifully encapsulate dried flowers for preservation. She quickly discovered the many possibilities of epoxy resin, which allowed her creativity to flourish. Sarah's creations are driven by her emotions and what calls to her in the moment. Today, Sarah's Art Garden is a testament to her passion for transforming everyday materials into stunning works of art.

One of the most thrilling aspects of working with resin, as Sarah describes, is the process of de-molding her pieces. It's the equivalent of unwrapping a candy and provides so much anticipation and satisfication seeing your artistic visions come to life.

"Nature inspires a lot of my work, but it is really my emotions that ultimately decide what I'm making."

Inspiration for Sarah's work is deeply rooted in nature, yet it is her emotions that steer the direction of each piece. This emotional connection imbues her work with a personal touch that resonates with art lovers and makers alike.

Being part of the maker community has played a significant role in Sarah's journey. The supportive network of fellow creators has been invaluable, providing encouragement and guidance as she navigated the initial challenges of resin and running a business. But that's what communities all about right!

Sarah's Art Garden continues to thrive, driven by Sarah's unyielding passion and the supportive embrace of the artisan community. Each piece holds a little portion of Sarah's heart and what inspires her artistic journey.

Check out her work on Instagram! and on TikTok!

Sarah's Favorite Epoxy

"My favorite epoxy product is the UV Art Epoxy. It is very versatile and does not yellow as quick as other epoxies do!"

- Sarah (Sarah's Art Garden)

Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin (UV Resistant)
Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin (UV Resistant) Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin (UV Resistant)

Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin (UV Resistant)

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