Nita's Chiffon Fabric Encapsulation Bundle

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Everything you need from Nita's "Mastering Chiffon Fabric Encapsulation" video in one simple bundle at a 15% discount. Please note, while this kit includes the essentials, don't forget to BYOF (Bring Your Own Fabric) to add that personal touch to your creations.

This special bundle includes:

  • 1.5 Gallons of Deep Pour Epoxy: Perfect for those ambitious projects that require depth and clarity, just like Nita's stunning fabric encapsulations.
  • 32 oz Table Top Epoxy Kit: Comes with everything you need to get started, including measuring cups, gloves, and stir sticks.
  • Promise Pro Polish & Cleaner Kit: Give your finished pieces that extra shine and professional look with our top-of-the-line polish and cleaner, making your artwork stand out.
  • 1 oz Alumilite Translucent Violet Dye: Add a touch of elegance and depth to your projects with this vibrant, translucent violet dye, perfect for achieving stunning color effects just as Nita showcased in her work.