Shipping & Handling Times

Handling Times

Here at Promise, it’s our goal to provide customers with the fastest and most affordable shipping methods possible. To better understand how shipping works, please take a look at our shipping process below.

“Any Orders Received On A Business Day At Or Before 4:00 PM (EST) Will Ship Out Same Business Day” (All orders shipping to a United States Address)

“Any Orders Received After 04:00 PM (EST) Will Ship Out the Following Business Day”

Let’s take a look at some examples. Keep in mind that all orders need to be in stock and no payment, fraud, or address holds must be placed on your order for these examples to be true. Issues regarding your order can delay shipping times. We do our best to correct any of these issues for you. Always double-check your shipping and billing address before completing your order at checkout. We will notify you of an error if it affects your order’s shipping times.

Example 1 – If you place an order on a Monday at 3:30 PM, then it will ship out on that same Monday.
Example 2 – If you place your order on Friday at 5:30 PM, then it will ship out on the following Monday.
Example 3 – If you place an order on Saturday or Sunday at any time, they will ship out the following Monday.

Customer Service Hours of Operation
9 AM–5 PM Eastern Time

Holidays will affect handling time. Pro Marine Supplies recognizes all holidays that our shipping carriers recognize. For more information, please check the shipping carrier’s website for the holiday schedule.

Shipping Times

Shipping time is dependent on what item was purchased, how heavy the order is, and how far away you live from our shipping facilities.

If you choose any of our free shipping methods, then we will ship the order out as economically as possible based on these US carriers: FedEx. We do not allow our customers to specify which carrier we use. You can select from multiple shipping methods at the checkout section if you desire. Shipping fees will be charged accordingly.

We are proud that we can offer our customers a free shipping option that saves them money. Typically this free shipping method takes about 2–3 business days but sometimes can be longer up to 5 business days.

**All orders under $45 receive 2-day shipping, anywhere in the USA!