Promise Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

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Promise Deep Pour is an ultra-clear casting resin formulated for river and live edge tables in addition to casting, embedding, and encapsulating projects.

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Build a masterpiece for your space with our tried-and-true Deep Pour epoxy. Its reliable formula provides a smooth, durable, and waterproof finish that results in minimal bubbles and imperfections. It’s elongated working times allow for artisans to perfect every intricate detail in their next design.

Key Features:

  • 2:1 mixing ratio
  • Low viscosity
  • Long working time
  • Helps eliminate imperfections like fish eyes and craters
  • Compatible with pigments and dyes

Promise Deep Pour is a slow-curing ultra-clear casting resin that’s specially formulated for river and live edge tables in addition to casting, embedding, and encapsulating applications. It cures to a solid smooth finish and allows for pours up to 2” at a time.

Epoxy river and live edge tables are a common application of deep pour epoxies, which DIYers rely on for their versatility and clear glasslike finish. You can create gorgeous, handcrafted epoxy home décor, tables, furnishings and more. Help your house feel more like a home with customized furniture pieces­­—or even build your own business based around your creations.

Notes: All epoxy has natural color variations or tint and the color of the substate the epoxy is applied to may accentuate this affect as well. White surfaces are always the most challenging to work with in regards to epoxy tint. After all, "white" itself has multiple tints. The appearance of a white surface coated with epoxy is also influenced by lighting. For instance, there may be a dramatic aesthetic difference between a LED "daylight" bulb lighting compared to "Soft/Warm" lighting.

This product is not intended for outdoor use.

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  • Multi-Surface

    Compatible with multiple surfaces

  • Pouring Depth

    Deep pours up to 2"

  • Cure Time

    Cures in 5 to 7 days

  • Mixing Ratio

    2:1 mixing ratio