Unlock the Secrets of Resin Pyramids: More Than Just a Shape!


purple and light pink resin pyramid with a strawberry encapsulated inside it sitting on a deck railing outside


Hey there, creative soul! 🎨 Ready to take your crafting game to new heights? Let's talk about resin pyramids, those geometric gems that are so much more than three-sided figures. These little marvels are your canvas for embedding trinkets, sprinkles of glitter, or swirls of color, transforming a simple shape into a mesmerizing masterpiece.

Crafting Your Pyramid: Essentials and Tips


Starting your resin pyramid journey? You'll need our top-notch Deep Pour Epoxy and a few essentials like silicone molds, measuring cups, and of course, your creative flair! Remember, silicone is your BFF here because resin thinks it's too cool to stick to it. 😉

Now, let's chat about colors and additives. Think of your resin mix as a delicate potion; a drop of dye goes a long way, and too much liquid can throw off your magic mix. Keep it under 5%, and you're golden!

Bubble Trouble and Layer Love


Bubbles in your soda? Great! Bubbles in your resin? Not so much. A heat gun or blow torch will be your trusty bubble-busting sidekicks. Pouring in layers? Patience, young grasshopper. Let each layer cure to get those crisp, clean lines that make your resin pyramid a stunner.

Encapsulate the Moment


Whether it's a sprinkle of seashells, a bloom of flowers, or a memory frozen in time, encapsulation is where your resin pyramid truly shines. Just make sure those organic bits are drier than a witty comeback before you trap them in resin, or you'll have bubble drama!


Showcase Time: From Trinket Holders to Treasured Keepsakes 


Our makers have turned resin pyramids into everything from chic ring holders to paperweights with personality. Your creation could be the next sensation! Got a piece that's particularly praise-worthy? Flaunt it on our socials, and let's celebrate your craft together!


Here are a few examples of the beautiful results our customers have achieved!


Custom resin pyramid for jewelry by @mermaidzari on Instagram.


Any piece of jewelry would look dazzling on  @mermaidzari's elegant miniature resin pyramid.


Sea-themed resin pyramid by @kinglykrafts on Instagram.


@kinglykrafts takes us on a trip to the sea with their stunning creation!


Rose in a colorful resin pyramid by @resinallenpoe on Instagram.


A rose by any other name is still a rose and just as charming encased in  @resinallenpoe's pyramid.


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