Top 10 Epoxy Resin Tips And Tricks


Top 10 Epoxy Resin Tips And Tricks

Hey there, creative makers! Welcome to the ultimate guide where we spill the beans on our top 10 epoxy resin tips and tricks to make your resin projects not just good, but absolutely epic. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the resin art world, we've got some tricks up our sleeve that'll turn your next project into a masterpiece. 


1. Prepare Your Space Ahead of Time


Shield your workspace with a trusty non-stick guardian to keep those inevitable drips and spills in check. We like to use silicone resin mats, but if you don't want to invest in something reusable you can also lay down some crafting paper to protect your surface. Tape is also a great way to mark out your space and keep resin off those no-go areas. 

💡 Pro Tip: Be sure to have a dome cover ready to cover your projects after pouring so they can cure dust free! You'll thank us later. 


2. Gather & Organize Your Supplies In Advance


Time flies when you're having fun, but not so much when you're scrambling for bits and bobs as your resin's open time runs down, so be sure to lay out all your supplies on your surface or a nearby table before you start mixing. 

💡 Pro Tip: Grab a timer and set it for a nudge before your resin's work time is up. It's the perfect buddy to remind you to wrap it up so you can make every pour count. 


3. Dry EVERYTHING Before Using It With Resin


Whether it's flowers, greenery, paper, or other natural products, be sure to completely dry them before mixing them with resin. Resin and water DO NOT mix, and if you want to keep your projects bubble free you'll want to put in the extra work ahead of time. Don't know how? Watch this tutorial. 


4. Crank Up The Heat


Your environment is everything when working with resin! Epoxy is a chemical, which means you need to be working in an space around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit for your epoxy to cooperate fully. This will help minimize bubbles, increase fluid movement, and allow projects to cure properly. 


5. Give Your Resin A Warm Water Bath


If you're just not able to get your work environment to that 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit then you're next best option is to give your resin a warm water bath before mixing and pouring. You can either put the bottles in a bath beforehand or measure and mix, and then put your mixture in a warm water bath. Just beware, once you mix your epoxy and your hardener, your open time starts! 


6. Prep Your Molds


If you are using silicone molds be sure to thoroughly clean and dry them in advance. We are big fans of using isopropyl alcohol and paper towel. Sometimes simple is better. 


7. Use An Epoxy Calculator


Resin can be expensive so using the exact amount will save you money and resources. The best way to calculate the amount of resin you'll need is to simply use an epoxy calculator. This is our favorite!


8. Use Heat to Combat Bubbles


Have a heat gun or blow torch ready to go to pop those pesky bubbles after you pour. While proper temperature, mixing practices, and pour technique will prevent air from entering your mixture, sometimes bubbles just creep up. This is where heat is your best friend. 

💡 Pro Tip: When using a blow torch don't remain in one spot for too long otherwise you may wreck your mold!


9. Always Use Proper Safety Gear


Always follow the proper safety procedures for when working with resin. After all, epoxy is a chemical, and chemicals need to be treated with caution. This includes working in a well ventilated space, always wearing gloves and safety glasses, wearing long pants and closed toe shoes, and wearing a respirator when necessary. 


10. Read The Directions


While many epoxy resin brands can be used in the same application, formulas can vary drastically. For example, certain resins may have a 1:1 mixing ratio, while others a 2:1 mixing ratio. To make sure you get the results you want, always read the directions on the bottles. 



Did we miss some? Let us know what tips and tricks you use on a regular basis!

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