Reasons Why Epoxy Cures Sticky or Tacky


Reasons Why Epoxy Cures Sticky or Tacky

Ever found yourself in a sticky situation with your epoxy? Well, you're not alone! Let’s explore some "sticky" reasons and how to unstick the stuck. It's time to get our hands (not literally) sticky and learn about the reasons why epoxy cures sticky or tacky...AND what to do about it. 


Reason #1: The Mixing Mishap 🥄


Just like baking a cake, if you don’t mix your ingredients well, things get messy. Under-mixing your epoxy is like forgetting to stir your cake batter - you're left with a lumpy disaster. Remember, good things take time - mix thoroughly and give those sides and bottom of your container some love too!


Reason #2: The Measuring Mix-Up 📏


Accuracy matters! An off-balance mix is like wearing two different sized shoes - uncomfortable and won't get you far. Stick to the 1-to-1 ratio rule like glue (or in this case, epoxy).


How to Turn Tacky to Terrific!


1. Scrape off the Sticky Stuff - Roll up those sleeves and get scraping. It’s like exfoliating - but for your project!

2. Sanding: The Great Smoother - Channel your inner sandman and smooth things out. Don't forget to clean up after the sand party!

3. Round Two: Pour Again - Once everything is set (and not sticky), it's time for the encore. Pour that second layer and watch the magic happen.


Remember, when it comes to epoxy, it’s all about precision and patience. Keep crafting, and stay un-sticky!

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