Introducing Promise


Introducing Promise

There’s some exciting news on the horizon for epoxy enthusiasts: Two of the most popular epoxy brands in the U.S. are joining forces to become one superpower, Promise Epoxy. ProMarine Supplies and Incredible Solutions are merging their best-performing and meticulously mastered formulas in order to become the new epoxy leader in the home decor and art industries.

Our History Until Now

ProMarine Supplies initially started its journey as the boat repair company Pro Marine Repair. While working on a variety of boat construction projects, we realized the immense need for high-quality epoxy resin products. Thus, ProMarine Supplies was established in 2013. Its product portfolio grew to include many special formulas. These included carefully created table top, deep pour, and UV-resistant systems.

For years, ProMarine Supplies has continued to fulfill the demand for high-quality epoxy resin products that suit the art, construction, and marine industries. And now, we’re joining forces with another epoxy powerhouse, Incredible Solutions.

Since its inception, Incredible Solutions quickly became the preferred brand among woodworkers and home decor enthusiasts.

And now, working as one united brand, we can best serve the needs of the abundant home decor DIY community.

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Promise Epoxy Launch

The first collection of products will include a selection of your favorite epoxies:

Table Top

A formula proven time and time again, our Promise Table Top Epoxy Resin offers a smooth and sturdy crystal-clear finish, outstanding air-release qualities, self-leveling properties, and so much more. Like all of our formulas, our Table Top has been finely tuned over decades to assist you in the creation of gorgeous handcrafted home decor pieces and furnishings that will help your house feel more like your home.

Deep Pour

Build the perfect epoxy river tables, live edge tables, or more with Promise’s Deep Pour Epoxy Resin. Not only does it provide a smooth and strong finish that is waterproof, but its elongated working times allow artisans the chance to focus on perfecting every intricate detail. A variety of customized castings, personalized projects, and a world of inspiration await creators at every step.

UV-Art Epoxy Resin (UV Resistant)

Protect your masterpieces from the sun’s damaging UV rays with our Promise UV-Art Epoxy Resin. Without sacrificing durability, this epoxy was formulated for the purposes of resisting yellowing as well as protecting your art from impact, corrosion, and water damage. Adorn your space with wall hangings, artwork, and home decor of all kinds made by your own hand.

Pro Polish & Cleaner

Buff out surface scratches and give your surfaces an amplified shiny finish with Promise Pro Polish & Cleaner. This compound can be used as often as needed and works well with epoxy resin, casting resin, and more.

Table Top with Accessories

Our Promise Table Top with Accessories bundle comes with everything you need to get started on your next home decor project. Not only do you get our high-performance Table Top Epoxy Resin, but you’ll also receive four measuring cups, six medium nitrile gloves, two foam brushes, and two stir sticks.

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