How to Mix Glow in the Dark Epoxy: Light Up Your Creations!


bright neon green glowing mica powder sitting on a black countertop, showcasing how to mix glow in the dark epoxy


Hey there, DIY superstars! 🛠️ Ready to take your epoxy projects from "meh" to "WOW"? Let's talk about how to mix glow in the dark epoxy. It's like giving your creations their own little nightlight. 😎


Step 1: Understanding the Glow


First up, let's chat about glow powder. It's like the secret sauce of nightlife, but for your epoxy! This magic dust needs a bit of light to "charge up," and then – boom! – it glows in the dark. Sunlight, black lights, any strong light will do. Just remember, the glow's strength depends on how much love (read: light) it gets.


Step 2: Mix It Like a Pro 


Mixing this glow powder into your epoxy is a bit like making your favorite cocktail – it's all about the right proportions. After you've mixed your resin and hardener, sprinkle in the glow powder like fairy dust. But remember, the more translucent your epoxy, the brighter the glow. Adding color? Sure thing, but keep in mind it's like adding shades to your windows – less light, less glow. Play around with the amount of resin and powder you use to get that perfect hue! And don't forget to write down your measurements so you can create a color recipe and re-create your project for years to come!


Step 3: Start Small, Dream Big 


Begin with a small project. Maybe some glow-in-the-dark coasters for your next party? As you get the hang of it, who knows? Maybe you'll be crafting glow-in-the-dark tables that'll make your friends say, "Where did you get that?!"


Share Your Glow 


Got a cool glow-in-the-dark project? We're all ears (and eyes)! Drop us a pic on Instagram and show off that shimmer. Let's inspire each other and keep the glow going!


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