How to Make Resin Art Coasters With Acrylic Paint


two green orange and gray resin art coasters made with acrylic paint

Hey there, crafty folks! Ready to add some pizzazz to your coffee table with some DIY magic? Let’s dive into the awesome world of resin art coasters. And yes, you can indeed mix acrylic paint with epoxy, but there's a trick to it. 


What You'll Need:

  • Promise Epoxys Table Top Epoxy (because we're all about quality here!)
  • Gloves and Safety Glasses (safety first, party second!)
  • The usual workstation suspects: plastic sheet, measuring cup, plastic cups, popsicle sticks, and a heat gun.
  • Ceramic tiles (the best for creating resin art coasters!)
  • Your favorite acrylic paint!


Let’s Get Mixing:

  1. Prepare Your Battle Station: Lay down a plastic sheet. This isn’t just crafting; it’s an art war against mess!
  2. Choose Your Weapons (Colors): Pick your acrylic paints. Remember, mixing resin and paint is like a dance - it needs the perfect balance. Go for 1 part paint to 10 parts epoxy. Too much paint, and your resin might go on strike!
  3. Mix your epoxy: Measure, mix, and then introduce your epoxy to the paint. Be gentle, they're getting to know each other. Pro Tip - mix the resin and the paint slowly using a folding motion. Do not stir vigorously or whip as this can create extra air bubbles.


Art in Action:

  1. Pour Party: Pour that colorful epoxy mix onto the tiles. There’s no wrong way to do it – just like pineapple on pizza (controversial, I know). You can do this on a flat surface and move the tiles when they are finished. You can also raise the tiles up on upside down cups so that the resin and paint mixture can drip off of the sides. There is no particular pattern or colors you need to follow, just have fun with it!

  2. Bubble Busting: Use your heat gun to pop any bubbles that have occurred and to move your colors around. It's oddly satisfying. 


Finishing Touches:

  • After the magic hardens (give it a good 72 hours), adhere some cork to the backs of the tiles using super glue. This will give your coasters that nice traction we all know and love. 

one resin art coaster sitting in a hand with a cork background


  • Voila! You’ve got yourself a coaster that might just steal the spotlight from your drink.

white, gray, and green resin art coasters sitting on a gray background


For the Bold and the Brave

Feeling adventurous? Dive into coaster molds, geode styles, or even encapsulating tiny treasures! The world (or at least the coaster world) is your oyster. Check out these cute examples from our makers 👇


two blush pink epoxy resin art coasters from silicone molds sitting on top of a modern magazine.

@merciamoore reflects the natural beauty of agate in her lovely pastel pink pieces.


two clear epoxy resin art coasters with dried lemons and greenery inside them sitting on top of a blue picnic cloth

@resinisity's fresh and fruitful clear coasters are a great accompaniment to any summer beverage.


one clear floral resin art coaster with gold trim and a gold center sitting on top of a white background

@artdecor_nadi embodies chic in the delicate elegance of her designs.



Share the Love

We’re nosy and we love it! Share your coaster masterpieces with us on social media. Let’s spread the resin joy!


So, there you have it – your ticket to becoming a coaster-making wizard! Remember, at Promise Epoxy, we’re not just selling epoxy; we’re handing you the magic wand of creativity. Now go forth and create!

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