How to Get Colored Epoxy


How to Get Colored Epoxy

In the vibrant world of DIY and creative projects, getting colored epoxy has emerged as a game-changer, offering endless possibilities for artists, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Whether you're crafting a stunning piece of jewelry, designing a custom tabletop, or building a river table, colored epoxy can transform the entire look of your piece. But how do you achieve the perfect hue? This comprehensive guide will walk you through different ways to colored epoxy, ensuring your projects achieve the visual aesthetic of your dreams. 

There are four main colorants you can add to your epoxy resin to get colored epoxy: pigment dyes, alcohol inks, mica powders, and our personal favorite...glitter!


1. Pigment Dye


For those seeking a deep, rich color with a non-transparent finish, pigment dyes are your go-to option. Ideal for creating solid colors without any added sparkle, pigment dyes blend seamlessly with epoxy, offering a uniform, opaque appearance. This method is perfect for projects where a bold, intense color is desired, without the distraction of transparency or shimmer.

Here are our favorite pigment dyes!


walnut wood river table with black pigment dye to get colored epoxy sitting outside

PC: @love_of_the_grain_workshop


2. Alcohol Ink


If you're aiming for a tinted, transparent look, reminiscent of stained glass, alcohol inks are the answer. These inks are designed to create beautiful, transparent visuals, allowing for a see-through effect with a splash of color. Alcohol inks are incredibly versatile, enabling you to achieve everything from soft, watercolor-like blends to vibrant, saturated hues. They're particularly well-suited for creating faux glass effects or layering colors for depth and complexity. 

We're especially loving these alcohol inks from the Color Creator line. 


faux glass epoxy resin jars sitting on a silk background with amber alcohol ink for getting the colored epoxy

PC: @fridasmallo.designs


3. Mica Powder


For those projects where you want to add both color and sparkle, mica powders are the magic ingredient. These finely milled powders come in a wide range of colors, with a natural shimmer that adds a dazzling effect to your epoxy projects. Mica powders are perfect for adding a metallic or pearlescent finish, creating a sense of depth and luminosity that brings your projects to life. Pro Tip: If you use Diamond Dust by Color Creator it will add extra sparkle to all your projects regardless of the color. 


4-piece agate resin coasters sitting on a white backdrop colored green with mica powder for getting the colored epoxy

PC: @sincerelyskylar


4. Color Shifting Colorants


These are our absolute favorites for getting colored epoxy! And for good reason.Using color-shifting powders and glitters (also known as chameleon colorants) in epoxy resin projects can significantly enhance their aesthetic appeal by introducing dynamic, multi-dimensional effects that change appearance based on the viewing angle and lighting conditions.These materials contain microscopic particles that can bend light when viewed from different angles. Simply put - it will change colors in the light! 

Check out this Chameleon Pack for your color-shifting needs. 


epoxy resin leaf dish against a purple black drop with purple and green color shifting powder to get the colored epoxy



The Art of Mixing


Achieving the perfect colored epoxy requires more than just adding colorant; it's an art form in itself since each colorant has unique properties. Here are some tips for mixing your colored epoxy:

  • Start Small: Begin with a small amount of colorant and gradually increase until you achieve the desired hue. This allows for greater control over the final color. A little goes a long way with pigment dyes vs. alcohol inks where you can be a little more generous. The general rule of thumb though is that you can always add more - but you can't remove it once it's in your epoxy.  
  • Mix Thoroughly: Ensure the colorant is thoroughly mixed with the epoxy to avoid any streaks or uneven coloring. This includes scraping the sides and bottom of your container! 
  • Test First: Always test your colored epoxy in a small mold or a sample piece to ensure the color meets your expectations before applying it to your project.


Embracing The World of Colored Epoxy


Remember that experimentation and creativity are your best tools. Don't be afraid to mix different colorants, play with transparency levels, and explore new techniques. With Promise Epoxy, you have a partner in creativity, offering not just quality epoxy products but also a community of makers and artists who share your passion for bringing ideas to life. 

Colored epoxy opens up a world of possibilities for creative expression and design. Whether you prefer the solid depth of pigment dyes, the transparent beauty of alcohol inks, or the sparkling allure of mica powders, there's a colored epoxy solution to bring your vision to reality. Your next masterpiece awaits! Don't forget, we're always here to answer any questions you may have along the way!

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