How Humidity & Temperature Affect Epoxy Resin


dew droplets on a blue tinted window

Hey there, creative geniuses! 🌟 Ever wonder how your trusty epoxy resin buddy reacts to the whims of Mother Nature? Well, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat about 'how do humidity and temperature affect epoxy resin'. 🌡️☔



First things first, temperature is like the VIP at the epoxy party. Keep it cozy at a minimum of 75°F. Why? Well, if it dips below, your epoxy might throw a tantrum with a cloudy finish or those pesky soft spots. And trust us, no one wants an underdressed epoxy! But hey, if things get a bit warm (up to 90°F), no sweat – your epoxy will just cure faster. Just don’t crank up the heat too much, or you might end up with the unwanted guest of burned epoxy. 🚫🔥



Now, let's talk humidity. Epoxy is not a fan of the sauna life. Keep it below 85% humidity to avoid a sticky situation. If moisture crashes the party while you're mixing, it’s a one-way ticket to Ruinsville for your project. Remember, dry and steady wins the race!


In a nutshell, keeping your work environment in the Goldilocks zone – just right – is key. Not too hot, not too humid, just perfect. Happy creating, and let your creativity flow!

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