DIY Epoxy Resin Cake Stands For Any Occasion


DIY Epoxy Resin Cake Stands For Any Occasion

Hey there, fellow craft connoisseurs and dessert display enthusiasts! 🍰✨ With the whirlwind of celebrations and gatherings always around the corner, why settle for ordinary when your cakes can stand out—literally! Let’s embark on a journey to elevate our confectionery masterpieces with none other than the versatile and magical world of epoxy resin.

Imagine this: your scrumptious cake, perched on a stand so stunning, it makes the Great Gatsby look underdressed. That’s where we come in, with our FDA-compliant epoxy resin that’s ready to turn your dessert presentation dreams into dazzling reality.


The Tools You'll Need:


Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s gear up. You’ll need:


  • Promise Epoxy UV Art Resin (formerly ProMarine Supplies Pro Art Epoxy)
  • Resin cake stand and mold kit that whispers "I'm the one."
  • Mica powders or your choice of colorant (optional but highly recommended.)
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Mixing cups and stir sticks
  • Heat gun or blow torch (for popping bubbles!)
  • Plastic sheets (to protect your surface)


Prep your workspace like a pro—think Dexter’s laboratory but for crafts. A plastic sheet down, and you’re ready to roll.



1. Measure & Mix


Time to play chemist. Equal parts A and B come should be measured in a graduated mixing container. Carefully pour out both parts and combine for about five minutes. You will want to mix slowly, as well, to avoid introducing bubbles into the mixture. It’s good practice to use a folding motion, like you would when mixing the batter for a cake.

If you're feeling bold, let's talk color. We are currently LOVING the mica powders from the Color Creator line. Simply divide your epoxy into different cups and add your colorants accordingly. Keep in mind with mica powders a little goes a long way, so start small and add more until you reach your desired hue. 



2. It's Pouring Time


With your colors ready, it's time for the grand pour! Grab your silicone mold, make sure it's clean and dry, and start blending your colors. Each layer can be a different color, and if you want some extra sparkle add a pinch of gold or silver foil flakes. Your colors and aesthetic are super customizable, so have fun with it! In this rendition we used three different colors and then added a gold foil at the end. 

If you want to blend the layers between colors, you can use a popsicle stick to gently push them together. You can also create a marbling effect by moving the colored resin around with toothpicks.



 3. Pop Those Bubbles


Bubbles? Not on our watch. A gentle blast from a heat gun or a blowtorch, and they’re history. Be sure to keep your heat moving never stay too long in one place. Please be especially careful when applying heat near the edges of your mold. Add too much heat here and you may just wreck your mold 😢

Let your creation cure in a spot where dust dares not tread - we recommend covering it with a lid or carefully moving it to a covered location. When using Promise UV Art Resin you'll want to wait about 24 hours for your project to cure before demolding it.



4. Demold


Demolding is like unwrapping a present - you've been patient, and now it's time to see the magic. Gently pull the mold from the resin until your pieces are free. You can also use a sharp utensil to clear away any resin that might block the holes in the center of the trays. 

Assemble your tray according to the instructions that came with the mold kit and your piece will be complete! Remember to let this piece cure for 5-7 days to ensure FDA compliance before serving tasty treats from it. 

Once this is all done, you can display your pastries with pride! Create your own DIY cake stand or tiered cupcake stand for any occasion. Birthdays, weddings, and festive holidays will shine brighter with the presence of your masterpiece.



Watch The Full Tutorial Here 👇




Feeling inspired or have a question? Slide into our DMs, drop us a line, or share your masterpieces on social media. We’re here to cheer you on every step of the way. Happy making, and here’s to making every day a bit more fabulous! 



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