Epoxy Resin Terrarium Ideas

Jul 6th 2023

Epoxy Resin Terrarium Ideas

Epoxy Resin Terrarium

Diorama by aaishtv as posted on instructibles.com

Capturing a Miniature World All Your Own…

Our recent piece about epoxy resin habitats for animals and aquatic species inspired us to think about creating miniature natural environments for our own homes and offices – in other words terrariums. These small enclosed gardens may be as diverse as your imagination allows - featuring miniature natural plants, rocks, shells - as well as waterways and structures constructed out of epoxy resin

Bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside can be very soothing to the psyche – as well as an attractive part of your décor. And knowing that you did it yourself is very rewarding as well! For example, nature lover and prolific artist known online as aaishtv frequently employs epoxy resin into his landscapes and dioramas – which feature aquatic locales as well as miniature landscapes such as forest, mountain and volcanic scenes.

The artist explains that nature has always been an inspiration – one that he tries to capture in his miniature aquatic and terrain-based dioramas – bringing a little outdoor beauty indoors. He explains that the aquascape he created (pictured above) “required the following materials; a glass bowl, plaster of Paris, a hobby knife, acrylic paints, epoxy resin, aluminum foil , a foam brush, PVA glue, dried moss for trees, a moss pad for the mountain , soft cloth, and scenic cement.” Complete instructions may be found HERE.

The health benefits to mind, body and soul of creating dioramas are many – from reducing stress and thereby helping to lower blood pressure – to sharpening mental focus, lifting spirits and heightening creativity. And intricate work involving our hands helps improve fine motor skills too! And the plant life in terrariums helps purify and humidify the surrounding air.

Aside from the creative and meditative aspects of creating dioramas; these miniature scenes and landscapes may also be sources to enhance learning - both of the craft process itself – as well as the subject matter. For instance, tableaus may be crafted depicting an historical event or era, an ecosystem or other science- or history-based time or phenomena. Teachers often use dioramas as visual aids in their classes to more clearly demonstrate a variety of historical, geographic, and scientific information to students in 3D representation.

And for the DIY crafter that rears its head at times in most of us, crafting dioramas, terrariums and other miniature landscapes, give us a sense of satisfaction that we can proclaim, “I did that!” So, go forth, and create your own miniature world in your unique vision - then show the world – well…your world!