Epoxy Resin Garden Figurines, Sculptures & Statues, Oh, My!

Jul 31st 2023

Epoxy Resin Garden Figurines, Sculptures & Statues, Oh, My!

Epoxy Resin in the Garden

Versatile and durable outdoor resin garden accents may be purchased - or better yet - custom made…

Resin garden statues, sculptures and other display artwork make attractive and personal outdoor décor for your yard, patio or garden. These figurines come in many shapes and sizes – depicting animals, people and other objects – for an amusing and homey touch to your outdoor environment. Made of long-lasting resin, they provide years of use, and may be refurbished over time if needed – for durable outdoor decoration.

Once you’ve decided upon which pieces you like, or a theme to create, lightweight and easy to relocate resin garden statues may be coated with clear protectant, to ensure that colors won’t fade for years of use and enjoyment. A column on SFGate.com, “What Protectant Is Used to Stop Resin Statues from Fading?” outlines the process to preserve these whimsical pieces:

“If you've allowed your resin garden statue to sit outside for a period of time before you decide to apply protectant to it, it's probably accumulated at least a thin layer of dirt and grime. Before applying any protectant, clean the statue gently from top to bottom.

“To protect the paint on a resin garden statue, it's necessary to use a product that provides protection from ultraviolet rays. Choose a clear, spray-on polyurethane product that states specifically that it provides UV protection. Such products are available in shiny or matte finishes.”

DIY Epoxy Resin Statuary

Those preferring to create their own garden statuary may do so using epoxy resin and molds available from hobby and craft shops. Casting your own unique resin figurines adds a scenic artisanal touch to your garden, patio, deck or other outdoor vista.

Do-it-yourselfer David Neat highlights how he crafts resin sculpture on a blog section titled, “Working with epoxy resin;” expounding on using epoxy resin as, “Epoxies tend to be stronger than other resins, certainly much less brittle on their own than polyester .. in other words, they have very good flexural strength!

“Often resins marketed for sculpture purposes are tagged as ‘not Lloyds approved’ meaning they may not have the structural integrity or moisture resistance necessary for boat-building but are fine for sculpture. This works to advantage because they are often cheaper.”

So let your creativity flow by either acquiring or crafting unique resin pieces for your outdoor space. Making your own figurines helps bring out, and show others, the artisan in you!