Epoxy Resin for Aquatic Areas – Seaworthy & Safe

Jul 31st 2023

Epoxy Resin for Aquatic Areas – Seaworthy & Safe

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Manatee Museum Renovations include Epoxy Resin Flooring…

We, here in Florida, feel very fortunate to be able to enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna that the region has to offer. Our many fresh waterways, and of course proximity to the Gulf of Mexico to the west and Atlantic Ocean to the east; offer a great variety of aquatic life. One species n particular seems to attract a lot of attention from both residents and tourists alike – the manatee…

Manatees found in the US, are aquatic herbivores that prefer the warmer temperatures of marshy shallows along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and southern Atlantic. Their slow metabolic rate means that prolonged exposure to water temperatures below 68 degrees F will be detrimental to their existence. While able to move freely between salt and fresh water, they tend to congregate in shallows near warm spring-fed rivers.

Aside from its coating, sealing and moisture-proofing qualities; epoxy resin is completely safe and inert once cured – making it a perfect solution for aquatic areas. Waterproof or Marine-grade epoxy resin is widely used both in and around aquatic tanks by aquarium professionals as well as home hobbyists. Manatee rescue and rehabilitation habitats use epoxy resin in a variety of ways.

Epoxy Resin - Versatile & Durable

A recent article speaks to the versatility and durability of epoxy resin for maritime application including for aquariums. One of our local museums, The Bishop Museum, is performing some renovations to their Parker Manatee Rehabilitation Habitat; a portion of which includes applying new epoxy coating to the flooring in a “behind-the-scenes care area.” (For more on this story in the Herald-Tribune, click HERE).

Aside from aquarium professionals, home hobby enthusiasts use epoxy resin in myriad ways both for fish tank construction, as well as in the creation of decorative and functional aquatic displays. Waterproof epoxies are designed to be, and widely used as, coatings and sealants in myriad industries and applications due to their superior bonding to virtually any substrate, and high-performance coating and sealing properties.

Aquarium-safe materials such as epoxy resin, rigid foam and urethane are used extensively as indoor, outdoor and underwater architectural elements – both for structural and aesthetic application. And while the functionality and creativity provided by these materials is important; let us not forget that the primary criterion is the safety of the animals.