Epoxy Resin DIY Ideas…

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin DIY Ideas…

Epoxy Resin DIY Guide

The Versatile Polymer is found in things we use, repair & craft every day…

Epoxy resin is found is so many common items we use every day. Crafters and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) use this wondrous material to create, repair and maintain a wide variety of crafts and home maintenance and repair projects. Whether to assist artisans in addressing their creative muse; or as an instrumental part of a homeowner’s toolbox, epoxy resin provides a valuable and flexible solution to so many projects…

Case in point, as doityourself.com features in ‘4 Best Applications for Epoxy Resin,’ “Epoxy resin is more commonly known as a type of glue that is fast-acting and bonds to nearly any surface. Epoxy resin is also nearly impossible to remove from an item so once you use it you can be certain it will not come apart. Epoxy resin can also be found in many other useful products. Epoxy resin is very inexpensive to purchase but its effects can last for several years depending on its use.”

The article highlights four applications for epoxy resin:

  • Craft Projects – as a modern alternative to "plain white glue" - epoxy resin is a superior bonding agent, and works with metal, wood and plastics. "The sky is the limit as to what you can use epoxy resin for when crafting."
  • Household Repairs – "When you have a broken ash tray, cracked vase or any other type of household mishap then epoxy resin should be the first item on your list." For a permanent repair - epoxy resin is the answer.
  • Repairing Fiberglass – epoxy resin bonded with the fibers in fiberglass creates an extremely strong bond. "We used fiberglass to create plastic models, molds and it is used to construct planes and boats."
  • Providing a Protective Coating – using epoxy resin to coat and seal creates a protective layer from wear and tear - and the elements. "One of the most common products that epoxy resin can be found in is polyurethane. It is what gives the product its adhesive properties. Several coats of polyurethane on a surface will protect it indefinitely."

Many artisans focus on Resin Crafts as outlined by Better Homes & Gardens. Crafters create items ranging from jewelry, buttons, napkin rings, picture frames, paperweights and decorative cabinet and door knobs – all from epoxy resin. It’s easy to get started using molds and tools from hobby and craft stores – and epoxy resin from us!

So go ahead – explore your inner artist or DIY craftsman by tackling a creative or home repair project – it’s easy to do, very rewarding and the results are very satisfying from a “look what I did” perspective!