Epoxy Resin Countertop Repair – Don’t take it for Granite

Jun 15th 2023

Epoxy Resin Countertop Repair – Don’t take it for Granite

A top-down close-up view of a white marble surface ideal for sealing with tabletop resin

Chipped Granite Countertop? Epoxy Resin to the Rescue!

When my wife and I purchased our villa-style condo (in Florida speak, that’s when the condo front door opens outside and the building is free-standing versus hotel-style living); the home was a few decades old, therefore there were a few residential bumps and bruises here and there. (Or as Harrison Ford once stated as Indiana Jones, “It’s not the years but the mileage.”)

While we’ve addressed most of these minor anomalies over our time here, one thing was recently noticed by my visiting brother - a small nick along the granite kitchen countertop edge. When we moved in you see, this chip was covered over with a piece of clear shipping tape to cover the rough edge. Over time, I’ve repaired this break in the continuity of the counter several times. By replacing the tape…

Okay, so the usual fastidious me was picked upon by my even more fastidious (at times) brother. And since he had just repaired several items using epoxy resin (see stories ‘Clarinet Clarity’ and ‘Sonny and Chair’); he felt it was his due to point out what could easily repair the, now glaringly obvious, counter crevasse…

So, out came the epoxy resin! We mixed a very small amount (just a small chip after all) and applied with a popsicle stick – smoothing out the edges. The resin didn’t need tinting as the area being filled was minor. Plus, it had been covered with shipping tape – and that hardly showed – so we knew the epoxy resin would be all but invisible. And so it was and is!

I guess it goes to show you that the old adage is often true – the cobbler sometimes has no shoes. And even those with easy access to the right tools for the job; at times just don’t get around to some things. (Oh, and that brothers can be both helpful and mocking at the same time.)

Wishing you all Happy Holidays! And if you find that new bicycle, tricycle, piece of exercise equipment – or whatever gift you’re assembling lacking in parts (and you in patience) – remember that epoxy resin will repair almost anything (except spent holiday nerves of course)!