Epoxy Pro Guide - Resin Sculpture & Wall Art

Jul 31st 2023

Epoxy Pro Guide - Resin Sculpture & Wall Art

In this Epoxy Resin Guide:

  • Introduction
  • Sculpting with Epoxy Resin – It’s not that Hard
  • Getting the ‘Hang’ of it with Epoxy Resin Wall Art

Epoxy Resin Sculpture

Ah, arts and culture. One of our favorite things is going to a museum and seeing all the beautiful works of art on display. Not being artistically inclined, it’s always amazed me how artisans can take a blank canvas or block of wood, marble or granite; and visualize and create aesthetically pleasing and wondrous paintings and sculptures. And we’re fortunate to have customers and ambassadors who share their creations and stories of creativity with us.

Creating sculptures and wall art with epoxy resin is both a hobby and business for many so artistically inclined. Adorning homes and offices with these unique, one-of-a-kind creations adds a personal touch to any space. For your next masterpiece – try creating with epoxy resin…

Sculpting with Epoxy Resin – It’s not that Hard

Epoxy Resin Figurines

Epoxy resin sculptures and statuary add an eye-catching and often whimsical touch to both interior rooms and outdoor gardens. These visual pieces allow for personal expression – making any space truly unique. And this type of art provides many advantages as well:

“Relatively new to the world of statuary is the art of casting statues with fiberglass resin, a very durable synthetic polymer. Resin statues are able to retain all of the detail of the original works while offering many other benefits. They weigh less than cast-stone statues and, therefore, cost less to ship. They have a greater strength than some of the other materials that can be cast. And, the resin statues are suitable for indoor and outdoor use,” from www.statue.com.

Available to purchase from both online and brick-and-mortar sources; resin sculptures are easily created as well. And the finish may be made to replicate the look of stone, marble, bronze and other pieces to personal taste. These pieces may be painted as well, or the epoxy resin may be pigmented with tint or die during the casting process for an infused fresco-style look.

Epoxy resin sculptors create myriad statuary – everything from garden statues and classical sculpture, to busts and fountains; whatever your imagination can conjure can become reality.

The process of epoxy resin sculpting begins with a casting mold which may be purchased at hobby or art stores – or created if so desired. Rather than using an existing mold, one may be cast out of epoxy resin by pressing whatever object you’d like to replicate into the polymer. Once cured, your created mold may be reused.

(Find the steps to simple casting mold creation on instructibles.com HERE.)

ProMarine Epoxy Resin

One of our own epoxy resin customers, artisan Larry Anderson of Artistic Illusion, creates a variety of furnishings and sculptures (images below) as well as unique finishes for counter tops and flooring – all using epoxy resin.

Epoxy Resin Table by Artistic Illusion

Epoxy Resin Sculpture

His sculptures infuse a sense of the Florida oceanside lifestyle (his home) into keepsakes for his many clients. Turtles, sea life, shorelines and seahorses are among the popular statuary he’s designed and fashioned into cherished mementos of life in the Sunshine State.

Getting the ‘Hang’ of it with Epoxy Resin Wall Art

Sealing Artwork with Epoxy Resin

One of the things we find is that once people start building interesting furnishings with epoxy resin (like the table pictured on this page) – they decide to try their hand at artwork. That is not to say that experienced artisans don’t ‘jump right in’ creating resin art – but for the less practiced – an interesting coffee table for instance, leads to personal wall art expressions.

And like resin sculptures, wall art may also be tinted and dyed or otherwise infused with glitter and other materials to dramatic effect. Rather than use canvas however, epoxy resin artisans generally prefer a stronger material like wood for their creations as it holds up much better to poured resin without the worry over material stretching.

Take, for example, artist, designer and maker of ‘Heirloom Quality Wood Artwork for Bold Homes’ Katie Freeman of Freeman Furnishings. She uses wood, metal and resin to craft pieces that are both sculptural and functional; but recently tried her hand at wood and resin wall art:

Epoxy Resin Wall Art by Freeman Furnishings

“I had used Epoxy and wood to create pieces of furniture, but I had not tried making any art pieces yet. Using a piece of live edge maple and epoxy resin, I made a piece of wall art.”

Katie highlights how she created this stunning piece step-by-step on instructibles.com HERE.

Epoxy resin artists realize the benefits of ‘exercising their artistic muse’ both from the pieces they create, and the heightened spirits of their mind, body and souls. Working with one’s hands to tangible effect provides a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. Try it for yourself and see how epoxy resin artistry suits you – we think you’ll be glad you did!

For more epoxy resin hints, tips and tricks – visit our website FAQs. And we’re constantly exploring and highlighting new creative avenues for resin adventurers in our weekly Blog!

Tell us about your epoxy resin creations and projects – we’d love to hear from you! HERE

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