Is Promise Table Top Epoxy VOC Free?

ProMarine Epoxy Resins VOC Free

Promise Epoxy Resins – Low to no VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), are solvents that get released into the air as some epoxy resins cure. ProMarine Supplies epoxy resins contain low to no VOCs. (Other products that may contain VOCs are some adhesives, cleaning supplies – and even some home furnishings.)

Like most chemicals that you use, all epoxy resin will have some odor. The odors will be different in each brand and can range from a light scent to a stronger smell. Often with an odor, it brings up the question of whether or not breathing in the epoxy resin can be a health hazard. Some of our customers tell us the smell is non-existent, while it might bother others. How you interpret the smell has to do with each person’s sensitivities. As with any chemical, we still want to encourage our customers to work in a well-ventilated area (a large room with moving air works, as opposed to working in a small space) and to protect their skin from the Epoxy Resin by wearing gloves. Protective eyewear is also recommended—Safety First!