Can I use a pump with Promise Table Top Epoxy?

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Promise Table Top Epoxy Resin was designed to be mixed in a 1:1 ratio and be poured on bar tops, countertops and tabletops. Many customers in the art community have been thinking outside of the box, using tabletop epoxy for everything from jewelry to keychains and glitter tumblers.

Tabletop epoxy is not designed to be pumped. In fact side A has a viscosity of 10,000 CPS. Viscosity is the resistance in which material flow is measured in centipoise (CPS). For example, water has a CPS of 1, whereas peanut butter has a CPS of 25,000. Promise Table Top Epoxy Resin has a CPS of 10,000, you can compare it to the difficulty of pumping molasses. It is specially designed and manufactured that way is, so it gives a thick, transparent glass-like coating after it is cured and is not so thin that it runs off the sides of tabletops. If our tabletop epoxy were too thin or watery, customers would not get as consistent results.

We realize that when you’re using tabletop epoxy for a smaller project, like a tumbler or jewelry, that it might be a tedious job to pour a small amount of epoxy out of a gallon bottle. Many of our customers have found pumps from salons or art stores that fit our bottles and have had success rigging a pump. Other customers have bought smaller condiment containers to pour the epoxy from to make the job a little easier. Please keep in mind if you are using pumps that you should still make sure that the amount of resin and hardener is always a 1:1 ratio. Even though we do not sell pumps for our Table Top Epoxy because we do not recommend it, we encourage our customers to use our epoxy in any way that safely suits them.

We are always here to help and answer any questions you might have. You might consider joining our Facebook Group “Epoxy Resin Pro” to ask questions or meet other people from around the country that use Promise Table Top Epoxy.