What is the difference between a flood coat and seal coat?

Seal Coat

The seal coat is a small batch of epoxy which is designed to penetrate and cover any porous surfaces. Start on one end and pour the length of the surface, zigzagging as you go. This method helps seal any pores on the surface and prevents air bubbles from forming in the next flood coat. Both seal and flood coats are always 1:1 mixture by volume. You do not need a different product. Our epoxy is good for both seal and flood coats. The flood coat follows the seal coat and self-levels to 1/8″. You should wait a minimum of 4 hours before proceeding to apply a flood coat.

Flood Coat

Apply the flood coat in 1/8″ layers. Wait 4 hours between applications of additional layers. Additional layers can be applied as desired. If you wait more than 6 hours to apply additional coats, you wait 12 or more additional hours and lightly sand the surface with 200 or 300-grit sandpaper. Wipe off the sanding dust with denatured alcohol or acetone (do NOT use mineral spirits).