Is Promise Table Top Epoxy Resin UV resistant?

Our product has a UV-resistant additive, which makes it ideal for indoor tables and art. The UV inhibitor will help to resist the yellowing of your cured epoxy project.

All epoxy yellows over time with exposure to UV light. We added a UV inhibitor to our product, but it’s still intended for indoor use. Still, we do have customers who use it outdoors regardless. Many of them report top coating with water-based outdoor polyurethane, which should significantly slow the UV degradation process.

In addition to UV-degradation issues, outdoor use in direct sun can also cause temperature issues.  High temperatures above recommended mixing temperatures can cause an accelerated exothermic reaction. High temperatures after the product have been cured can also cause the epoxy to soften.  These reasons are why we do not recommend the product for outdoor use.  Please note darker surfaces that are not in direct sunlight may not experience noticeable yellowing or high temperatures that can cause softening.