How long do I have to wait until the next flood pour?

Once the entire surface is sealed, wait 4–6 hours to pour the flood coat. Do not exceed 10 hours or you run the risk of the flood coat not blending into the seal coat flawlessly.

You can add multiple flood pours. Each flood coat self-levels at approximately 1/8” thick. If depths thicker than 1/8” are desired multiple coats are necessary. You must wait at least 4–10 hours between flood coats. The epoxy will still be tacky so the next pour will stick to it.

If you wait more than 10 hours, you must scuff up the surface lightly with 222–300 grit sandpaper then wipe it clean with denatured alcohol or acetone before applying another coat. Just minor scuffing of the surface is all that you need to do so the next flood coat has some grip to stick to.

The best way to apply the flood coat is to start on one end and pour the resin the entire length of the surface, zigzagging as you go. After you are finished pouring, set the container down. Do NOT try to scrape anything else out of the bucket. Because you are pouring about three times the amount of product you did with the seal coat, the material will immediately start to flow out. However, you will still want to use a rubber squeegee or foam brush to help guide the material around. The less you use the brush, the better.