How do I clean epoxy resin tools? (spatulas, mixing cups, bowls, etc.)

You have the option of using chemicals or non-chemical methods:

Non-chemical method

Tools Needed:

  • wax paper 
  • non-stick cooking spray    
  • dish soap
  • paper towels

How to:

  1. Lay the wax paper down to protect the tool-cleaning area.
  2. While the resin is still wet, scrape as much material as you can from the surface using a paper towel.
  3. Spray the nonstick cooking spray into the measuring cups and then add dish soap as well.
  4. With your brush or stir stick and make sure that you scrape all sides.
  5. Wipe the measuring cup and the brush/tools that you have used with a paper towel
  6. Rinse tools with warm water and soap
  7. Dry all tools with paper towels – once thoroughly dry they are ready for reuse!


  • thinner or acetone or alcohol (follow safety warnings on solvents and provide adequate ventilation)
  • clean cloth or paper towel
  1. Using the solvent selected & paper towels, wipe down tools of excessive material
  2. Wash materials with soap and hot water (this works with plastic stir sticks, epoxy resin spreaders, and mixing cups)