Can I use the Table Top Epoxy for coating tumblers?

Our table top was initially designed for bar tops and flat surfaces. However, many of our customers have thought outside the box and have come up with amazing alternative application techniques one of them being tumblers.

Here are some Tumbler Tips submitted by our customers:

1. Make sure the room is kept warm throughout the entire application process and at least 2–3 hours after while on the spinner (I try to keep it around 77°F/78°F).
2. Use a clean cup every time (I find even using a silicone bowl that hasn’t been 100% cleaned and dried can cause issues).
3. Equal amounts of A resin and B hardener is a must and slow stirs to prevent air bubbles.
4. I feel a “cuptissourie” is also a must to keep the cup turning while it cures.
5. I will do a quick run over the cup with a handheld heat gun about 20 minutes after application (about 5–8 inches away) if I notice a lot of bubbles. Too much heat and it can get super runny and then not set properly (fisheyes & dimples)