Can I buff scratches out of epoxy resin?

Due to the potential to cause additional problems when buffing/polishing we recommend lightly scuffing the entire surface, wiping the surface clean with a drop of denatured alcohol or acetone, and then pouring a new flood coat.

Although not officially recommended we do have customers who use the following method to buff/polish the surface. First, a progressive dry sanding method is employed starting with 200-grit sandpaper then 300, 400, 1000, 2000. Wipe the surface clean of sanding debris with a drop of denatured alcohol and then apply a polishing compound ( 3M Finesse it II ).

PLEASE NOTE: Polishing epoxy can lead to smearing. It is crucial that speed and pressure are minimal so as to avoid smearing the epoxy. The finished result should be a barely perceptible dulling of the original finish.