Color Creator - Greenland Gift Pack (12 Pack)

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Bring Your Epoxy Resin Projects to Life

Add professional-grade colorants to your epoxy resin art supplies and make your resin epoxy creations come to life. Different combinations of simple-to-use resin glitter, alcohol inks, and mica powder for resin will let you add enchanting hues and splashes of magic to your arts and crafts projects. Make your resin tumbler cups come to life, as well as your  resin jewelry, candle jars, ashtrays, petri dishes, soap dishes, keychains, ornaments, and more.


What Can You Do for Even More Crystal Clear Results?

Wondering how to polish resin? The perfect pair for the best finished results is our Promise Pro Polish & Cleaner. The kit includes instructions on how to properly sand down your project and apply the polish and cleaner for a gorgeous finish.

Need More Info on How to Pair Colorants with Epoxy Resin?

If this is your first time using a resin and hardener? There are probably a ton of questions like:

  • How much resin should I use?
  • How time consuming will this project be?
  • What is the best practice for my environment?
  • Do I need a heat gun? How can I get rid of air bubbles?
  • What surface or counter tops can I use with a resin and hardener to build the best epoxy tables?

We've got you covered. Each table top epoxy kit comes with clear instructions to help guide you through the process. You can also check out our FAQ page for detailed questions and answers. You can also check out our epoxy calculator resource to find the perfect amount for your epoxy project.