Wedding Day Keepsake Creation – Epoxy Resin to the Rescue!

Jun 15th 2023

Wedding Day Keepsake Creation – Epoxy Resin to the Rescue!

Epoxy Resin

Father of the Bride Makes Lasting Matrimonial Memories…

A wonderful story recently shared by David and Holly, two of our customer service pros, is from Steven C Jones of Allen, Texas. Mr. Jones daughter was married recently, and he wanted to create a “signature board” for wedding guests to sign that would become a cherished keepsake celebrating the blessed day. (The pre-signed board and Steven’s custom-made stand are pictured above – which he “also built to “display the board where wedding attendees could easily walk up and sign it.”)

The following is Steven’s note to David and Holly, outlining his process:

Hello, David and Holly!

I want to show you final results from discussions with you and Holly... My daughter's wedding was yesterday, Sat May 18th. Here are some after-wedding photos of the "signature board" completed using Pro Marine's Table Top Epoxy to level the rough surface.

epoxy resin

Raw weathered fence pickets were sealed with two coats of water-based sanding sealer to preserve the graying, as I found any oil-based products turned them brown, and then applied a coat of water-based polyurethane. Screw/nail holes in pickets were then filled with Z-poxy finishing epoxy, and gaps between pickets were filled with a mixture of Z-poxy and wood sanding dust.

With the board leveled, a flood coat of Table Top Epoxy was poured and allowed to cure for well over a week. To remove some surface imperfections, level the surface and achieve a fine satin-sheen finish, I used a set of 5-inch 500, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000-grit sanding disks on a random orbital sander, moving it constantly to make sure it never stayed long in one location. The final step was 3m rubbing compound on a foam pad on the same random-orbital sander.

epoxy resin

As you can see (above), silver and bronze Sharpie metallic markers, used to write signatures, adhered nicely to the epoxy. Final step will be to seal the signatures with satin-sheen, water-based polyurethane spray, then hang it up on their wall! I'm very appreciative to you both for extremely quick responses to all my questions.

PS - also built a stand to display board where wedding attendees could easily walk up and sign it.

Best regards,

Steven C Jones

We thank Mr. Jones and his daughter for letting us be a part of her wedding day and sharing this story. Wishing you all the best from all of us here at ProMarine Supplies!