The ‘Nuts & Bolts’ of Epoxy Resin…

Jun 15th 2023

The ‘Nuts & Bolts’ of Epoxy Resin…

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Epoxy Resin 101 - the Nuts & Bolts

Okay, if you’re utilizing epoxy resin in a project, you’re might be aware of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of this wondrous material (and the fact that it is often used to reinforce these)! And while we’ve touched upon a variety of the features of epoxy resin, we haven’t really told you why this magical elixir has so many practical applications, and what makes it so unique…

Epoxy resin is the perfect solution when a strong bond is required due to its high adhesive strength. This is accomplished due to a two-part (co-reactant) thermosetting chemical reaction between unreacted epoxide (the glue), and one of a number of hardening or curative agents. The chemical bond created forms a thermosetting polymer – one that not only gives remarkable adhesion but also provides superior thermal, chemical and mechanical properties – for a wide variety of applications – and benefits…

Epoxy Resin Applications & Benefits home repair and task website expounds on several ways that epoxy resin can be instrumental for residential repairs and projects in ‘5 Best Uses for Epoxy Adhesive.’ “Epoxy adhesives have many different uses. Epoxies are preferred anytime a strong bond is necessary. They are used extensively in construction and manufacturing. Epoxy adhesives are used to join construction elements together or protect the underlying surfaces from dirt and moisture.”

Highlighted project areas include:

  • Fiberglass Repairs – bodies of boats, cars & trailers
  • Carpentry & Woodworking – furniture & cabinetry
  • Wood & Metal Fillers – repair wood rot & metal rust
  • Reinforce Bolts – reinforce & protect fasteners from corrosion
  • Craft Creation – make jewelry, picture frames, coasters and more

Epoxy sets more quickly than glue, reinforces surfaces and fasteners, may be used to laminate plywood or fiberglass, and makes an excellent filling and anti-corrosion material. The polymer also provides superior moisture protection for frequently wet surfaces such as bar and table tops and adds to the strength and durability of whatever sub-surface to which it’s applied.

Aside from residential uses for epoxy, commercial and industrial applications are many and varied as well. These include use in:

  • Marine applications - commercial manufacture of boating components
  • Aerospace components – structural reinforcement for Kevlar, wood and more
  • Petrochemical industry – reservoir reinforcement & “plugging” for leak control
  • Energy systems – fabrication of turbine blades & component encapsulates
  • Adhesives, Coatings & Paints – providing superior structural adhesion & protective shells

All of this makes epoxy resin an instrumental part of so many of the items we use every day. This flexible and durable polymer has become an indispensable part of so many DIY toolkits – so why not yours?!