Sonny & Chair

Jun 15th 2023

Sonny & Chair

Epoxy Resin DIY Repair

A Father & Son Repair a Dining Room Chair using Epoxy Resin

Chairs. A place to sit, relax, work and maybe even catnap depending upon the style of the piece. When in good working order, we hardly give them any thought. But when broken or needing a bit of TLC, that’s when our attention turns to the chair - to either correct aesthetics or perform a needed repair returning the furnishing to usefulness and safety…

There are several types of “places to sit,” and innumerable styles, materials and color combinations. While some swear by that old standby, the La-Z-Boy recliner, others wouldn’t allow one in their home. From classic dining room chairs and kitchen breakfast nook benches; to upholstered armchairs and wooden rockers, people seek out a wide variety of seating surfaces.

The chair repair in question in today’s column is a dining room chair in use at my nephew’s house. It seems that one of his friends settled a bit too heavily into the piece – splintering and shattering one of the legs. My brother searched for a replacement at first, but the style is discontinued, so he determined an epoxy resin repair was in order.

You may recall an earlier Epoxy Pro Success Story where my brother Dan, employs epoxy resin to restore musical instruments titled, “Clarinet Clarity,” so he is no stranger to resin repairs. After gathering the broken pieces of the chair leg, the father and son duo reassembled the fragments, bonding them with epoxy resin:

Epoxy Resin Repair

Reassembled Chair Leg Bonded with Epoxy Resin

After curing, the restored leg was sanded, refinished, and reattached to the chair once dry. It is now back in place, lined up with the others that match, good as new. The repair is seamless and invisible unless the chair is turned over and inspected. Plus, the epoxy resin makes the leg assembly even stronger than as originally manufactured – a job well done!

We enjoy hearing about all the unique and innovative ways our Epoxy Pros use our products in their artisan and DIY efforts. Don’t hesitate to share your projects and tasks with us HERE. Who knows, you just might be the next Success Story Spotlight!