Resin in the Garden

Jun 15th 2023

Resin in the Garden

Epoxy Resin Statues

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

Epoxy Resin Sculptures for Decorative Displays

As we begin to get outdoors more – weather (and other conditions) permitting; it’s time to spruce up those yards, gardens, patios and decks. Once any repairs and maintenance are completed, how about adding some interesting and whimsical yard art in the form of epoxy resin sculptures and statues?

Outdoor resin ornaments may be inexpensively purchased or crafted and are durable – handling nature’s elements well – save for extreme cold temperatures when they (and you) should be indoors. To ensure that your statuary provides years of outdoor whimsy – you should apply a layer of protectant as featured in a previous post:

“To protect the paint on a resin statue, it's necessary to use a product that provides protection from ultraviolet rays. Choose a clear, spray-on polyurethane product that states specifically that it provides UV protection. Such products are available in shiny or matte finishes.”

Resin Statues and Sculptures

Garden statues and sculptures are created in all shapes and sizes – showcasing a wide variety of styles and tastes. From classical figurines to modern abstract artworks - backyard gardeners, crafters and DIYers can aquire or create objets for their vistas that express their own unique artistic sensibilities.

Resin sculptures, aside from their artistic qualities, have a number of added benefits over traditional materials such as marble, plaster, stone or wood. For DIY artisans, they are much more easily created by crafters as the material is easier to work with, and results may be had more quickly. Resin provides great detail and greater strength than many other casting materials; and can in fact, be cast to look just like other materials like bronze, marble or even ancient stone or porcelain.

For the less adventurous who choose to purchase their lawn and garden ornamentation - resin statuary also provides another benefit - lightweight which translates to less expensive shipping charges! And for those with cold winter climes, lighter weight statues and sculptures make seasonal moving and storage a snap!

The garden menagerie in our yard includes both ceramic and resin figures, as well as some metal sculptures, in the shapes of frogs, rabbits, birds (no, not pink flamingoes), a turtle, an angel - and even a small (yet tasteful) albino alligator, as we do live in Florida after all!

There are many ways to explore and express your inner creativity – when people approach your abode – what does your yard say about you? After all, as Jim Parson’s character Sheldon Cooper once asked in The Big Bang Theory, “What’s life without whimsy?”