ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resins – a Primer

Jun 15th 2023

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resins – a Primer

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin

ProArt Art Resin Family of Products

While 2020 was certainly a challenge in many ways, we decided to accept the challenge - expanding our product offerings last year - adding art resin and casting resin to our family of epoxy resins. We introduced both ProArt Art Resin and ProPour Casting Resin since you our customers (and Epoxy Pros) asked for resins designed to specifically address your artwork and crafting projects.

The two epoxy resin additions to our product line, are formulated to meet and exceed the requirements of specialty artisan and craftsman endeavors. ProArt was created to fill a niche for sealing and protecting intricate artwork from wear-and-tear. While ProPour is produced to fulfill the needs of furniture crafters and for encapsulation projects – designed for deeper-layered pours for beautiful aesthetics and preserving memorabilia.

4 Types of Epoxy Resin – the Basics

ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin

TableTop Epoxy Resin

Versatile Tabletop epoxy resin is used in a wide variety of applications and has become the “go-to” solution for so many artwork projects and DIY tasks. Aside from its usage flexibility, tabletop epoxy resin makes a great material for beginners as it’s easy to mix, self-leveling, and UV, blush and impact resistant. Tabletop epoxy resin cures to a crystal-clear solid with a high-gloss finish - attractive for arts and crafts projects or may be sanded and painted just like wood for DIY home repairs and maintenance - a reliable multi-purpose tool to have on hand.

ProArt Art Resin

Art Resin

Art resins like ProArt, are specially formulated for the creation and protection of artwork such as paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, woodworking and other objets de art. Art resins feature a durable hard-shell finish that resists moisture, impact and wear-and-tear to protect and preserve delicate and intricate artwork. Art resins mix quickly, provide longer working time, may be easily mixed with tints, dyes and pigments, offer UV protection and work with a wide variety of substrate materials including wood, canvas and metal.

ProPour Casting Resin

Casting Resin

Casting resins feature the ability to pour thicker layers of epoxy resin without the worry of the material overheating. A boon for makers of furnishings like river tables, and for encapsulation projects such as the creation of figurines and other display objects. ProPour casting resin’s product highlights include longer working times, slower and cooler cures, water and impact resistance, easy pigmentation and works with wood, metal and most plastic foundations.

Marine Epoxy Resin

Marine Resin

For repairs, maintenance and restoration of marine vessel hulls, decks and other surfaces; Marine Epoxy Resin is the indispensable choice. Marine resin bonds with and reinforces fiberglass, wood, metal and composite fabrics – providing strength, durability and moisture-resistance. Self-leveling marine epoxy also makes a great material for wetting out fiberglass cloth and laminating substrate materials providing superior bonding and coating properties.

Adding epoxy resin to your artists palette or DIY toolbox makes for a versatile and reliable material – useful in so many ways – that you’ll find yourself turning to over and over again.