Latest Epoxy Pro Guide Now Available - Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods

Jun 15th 2023

Latest Epoxy Pro Guide Now Available - Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods

Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods

Epoxy Pro Guide - Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods

In this Guide:

  • Epoxy Resin for Our Competitive Spirit…
  • Why Epoxy Resin Sports Gear?
  • Epoxy Pro Customers – Real World Examples…

Epoxy Resin for Our Competitive Spirit…

We love our sports. Almost everyone seems to have one or more athletic competition that they’re at least fond of – if not outright fanatical about. And while many harken back for the “good ole days” or “golden years” of their particular sport’s timeline; many enjoy the progressive leaps and bounds made possible through advancements in technology leveraged by sports today. And one of these is the introduction of materials technology in the manufacturing of sporting goods – in particular the integration of fiber composites coupled with epoxy resin.

Why Epoxy Resin Sports Gear?

Athletes today are in better shape than ever before. Advances in nutrition, fitness routines and training equipment have led to ever-greater demands upon the athlete’s tools-of-the-trade - their sports gear. Evolving technology has led to advancements in both the materials and processes used to produce sporting goods – leading to stronger yet lighter-weight gear – for enhanced performance of both the equipment, and the players.

Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods

One of the greatest advances in the construction of high-tech sporting goods is the introduction of polymer-fiber composites – frequently the combination of epoxy resin combined with carbon fiber. This combination of materials gives a far superior strength-to-weight ratio than traditional sources such as wood or metals – making it ideal for the manufacturing of both sporting goods and protective gear.

Sports Fuel Creativity

According to the a sports and recreation industry overview by the American Composites Manufacturing Association, “From bikes to hockey sticks, boats to bobsleds, composite materials help athletes optimize performance and safety. Lightweight and super strong, composites can be used to make premium quality sports equipment and products that protect athletes, and improve the pools, facilities and buildings that host the games themselves. According to a 2017 Composites World report, composites are found in products used in seven of the 10 most popular outdoor sports and recreational activities.”

Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods

And the proliferation of these materials shows no signs of slowing down – quite the contrary in fact. The market forecast for composite materials in the global sporting goods industry is projected to continue to grow at a rate of 3.2% (year-over-year annual growth) to $579 million by 2023. “The major drivers for this market are increasing use of lightweight and high-performance materials in sports equipment,” from the market report ‘Composite Materials in the Global Sporting Goods Market Report: Trends, Forecast and Competitive Analysis.'

Epoxy Resin Boat Repair

Epoxy Pro Customers – Real World Examples…

Naturally, a great many sporting goods companies are major industrial manufacturing firms turning out large volumes of composite athletic gear for everyone from professional and amateur athletes to weekend warriors. But there are many entrepreneurs that also utilize epoxy resin in their endeavors to design and build artistic, innovative and cutting-edge sports gear for niche markets – where the customers desire one-of-a-kind goods…

One of these epoxy resin artisans is Nathan Sterns of Cedar Woodworking. Nathan started his business to create unique wood and resin longboards (essentially large skateboards) for discriminating clientele. Living on the shores of Southwest Florida – where people use a variety of modes of transportation to get around – gave Nathan the idea for his original longboards.

Epoxy Resin Longboard by Cedar Woodworking

Cedar Woodworking Longboard

Cedar Woodworking’s longboards are all handcrafted and feature bespoke original designs. Clients rave about the creations online – noting both the quality and style of Nathan’s craft. Cedar Woodworking’s success in the sports business has led to forays in other areas of manufacturing, currently epoxy resin tables and other furnishings for both business and residential use; as well as custom counter and bar top construction for restaurants and retail establishments.

Another epoxy resin artisan in the sporting goods arena is Amy Alderman of Aloha by Aldy. Amy began the business with her husband to focus on creating one-of-a-kind works of art using epoxy resin. Her inspiration for her designs were her travels to and appreciation of, the beauty of Hawaii. So much so, that they live on Oahu, where they raised their two children, “with toes in the sand and Aloha in their hearts.”

Epoxy Resin Surfboard by Aloha by Aldy

Aloha by Aldy Surfboard

Aloha by Aldy crafts unique works of art evoking the spirit of the islands. One of their many creations are handcrafted surf boards – each with its own innovative design. Amy’s husband utilizes his woodworking skills to design and craft each board, which she then uses as a canvas for the unique epoxy resin artwork each one receives. “I’ve worked with multi medium my whole life, but resin brings in this polished, finished factor. I’ve used it as a sealer for both functional artwork; as well as for strictly aesthetic fine art. It’s so versatile – the possibilities seem endless,” she explains.

So, no matter whether you’re a participant or spectator of your favorite sport; chances are that at least some of the equipment or protective gear used involves composites in its manufacture like epoxy resin.

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