Inventive Items for the Home in Epoxy Resin

Jun 15th 2023

Inventive Items for the Home in Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Home Accessories

From Kitchen & Bath Accessories to Bar Carts and more…

A couple of weeks ago, we had a team meeting at which one of my coworkers gave each of us a spoon rest she had made out of (of course) epoxy resin. It was a thoughtful and useful gift which was well received by my wife too! It got me to thinking about how many household items that could be made from epoxy resin…

In the kitchen, beautiful and functional kitchen accessories include serving trays, cutting boards, and decorative bowls, coasters and tumblers. Epoxy resin makes a perfect material to coat and seal these culinary crafts as it’s a Food Safe Resin and FDA Compliant. Our enthusiastic Ambassadors constantly amaze us with their imaginative applications of this polymer! We’ve created a Guide for more ideas: Art Resin for the Kitchen.

For the bathroom, soap dishes, towel rods, door and wall hooks and more may be molded out of epoxy resin and decorated as well as dyed during creation to match any décor. Bathroom walls may be adorned with artwork such as a Keepsake Photo Board with the added benefit of epoxy resin’s moisture resistance and protection for family photos, drawings and other imagery.

With more people socializing at home as of late, one of the most popular home entertainment additions has become the bar cart or waiters’ trolley – depending upon your focus for this item being food or drink. Either way, epoxy resin makes a great material for either molding new carts, or to refurbish an existing carts shelves and structure with an updated look.

Indulging in one of my vices, I found several online resources about cigar humidors – either created from, or lined with, epoxy resin – then once the resin has cured – add Spanish cedar for cigar aromatics and aging. Of course, the same construction process may be used to build keepsake and jewelry boxes for those so inclined.

Experimenting and exploring with epoxy resin can lead one in so many artistic, aesthetic and practical directions – with the only limits being one’s enthusiasm, energy and imagination…