How to Make Your Own Resin Suncatcher with Flowers!

Jun 15th 2023

How to Make Your Own Resin Suncatcher with Flowers!

Finished resin suncatcher with flowers hanging in a window.

The time for spring has come and with today’s project, we’re looking to celebrate the sun with a resin suncatcher. Made from a variety of materials over time, suncatchers are a dazzling addition to any home décor and a customizable resin project from start to finish.

Let’s Make a DIY Suncatcher with Resin

Project Needs:

  • ProMarine Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin
  • Additives of choice (we have dried flowers, glitter, and small bits of decorative glass)
  • Measuring and mixing cups
  • Stirring sticks
  • DIY suncatcher mold (ours came with fishing line to assemble the finished product)
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Blow torch (optional)
  • Start out with all of your supplies assembled in your workspace. It’s important that your workspace has nice air flow and circulation, among a few other considerations.

    Read the instructions provided with your epoxy resin, even if you’ve worked with resin in the past. Instructions can vary depending on the brand or type and familiarizing yourself with all the details can save you some possible pain points in the long run.

    Now it’s time to suit up! With resin, you’ll want to wear safety glasses, gloves, and clothes that cover your skin.

    The first step toward creating your own DIY suncatcher is to gather your additives. If there’s a specific way you want, say, your flowers or bits of decorative glass to sit in the mold, carefully arrange them that way.

    If you plan on using real flowers, you’ll need to make sure you dry them first, to avoid introducing air into your resin.

    Use whatever tools you are comfortable resin on, but keep in mind that disposable tools or ones made of silicone are better options. If it’s disposable, you can use it and be done, and if it’s silicone, you can typically remove the resin from it.

    Plants and flowers being placed in a mold for a DIY resin suncatcher.

    Once you have everything sitting where you want it to be, we’ll turn to our resin. Our ProArt resin is measured and mixed in a 1:1 ratio by volume and has additional UV resistance, making it a great choice for a suncatcher.

    Measure out your resin and mix both sides together until all striations are gone. You want to use a folding motion similar to how you would combine cake batter. Be sure to do this slowly to avoid creating lots of air bubbles (link).

    ProMarine Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin being poured and mixed for a resin suncatcher.

    Once the resin components are combined, you pour. Carefully tip the measuring cup and allow the resin to flow into the mold. Since this particular mold is such an odd shape, you may need to pour in several different spots in order to fill it evenly.

    Fill it to the top and set it aside to cure. Our mold has little silicone spots where holes will form that you can eventually attach the other suncatcher pieces to. Do your best not to cover those parts up.

    If you notice a lot of  bubbles forming on the surface, you can cautiously use a blowtorch to remove them.

    ProMarine Supplies ProArt Epoxy Resin being poured into a resin suncatcher mold with a variety of embedments

    Once the main piece for the DIY suncatcher is done, you can work on the smaller sections that hang from it.

    Again, decorate these any way you want. Although we chose to stick with clear resin for this suncatcher, you can always add dyes and mica powder for a splash of your favorite color!

    This mold comes with a lot of fun shapes that you can add on to your main piece.

    Mix up and pour another batch of ProArt resin into these smaller molds. Don’t worry if it gets a little messy, you can use paper towels to clean it up or level off the resin with a popsicle stick.

    Resin suncatcher attachment molds being decorative with flowers and other additives and resin being poured on top.

    Set those aside with the main suncatcher piece to cure. Ensure that this is done in a space free from where dust and debris can gather. Follow instructions for curing listed with the respective products, paying special mind to room temperature and length of time.

    Once the project has cured, it’s time to demold each part. Don’t be afraid to take your time pulling them from the molds.

    Resin suncatcher being demolded along with its attachments.

    Outside of crafting these out of resin, there is some assembly required. We utilize the fishing line provided to us in the kit to tie everything altogether!

    Below are a few close ups of the finished product, catching a few hopeful rays of the Midwestern sun from our office windows.

    The results are stunning, even on a cloudy day! Look at all that color.

    Close ups of the DIY resin suncatcher on display in the sunlight.

    Resin Suncatcher Ideas

    Resin crafters all over the world have continued to create their unique spin on the versatile suncatcher. Check out what they’ve made!

    DIY resin suncatcher by @kayleighskreation on Instagram.

    @kayleighskreation’s colorful suncatcher shines brighter than the sun itself!

    Resin suncatcher by jewel_of_hawaii on Instagram.

    @jewel_of_hawaii’s resin suncatcher evokes the essence of spring with all of that lovely greenery!

    Butterfly resin suncatcher by @amethyst_dreams_shop on Instagram.

    The dark base of  @amethyst_dreams_shop’s suncatcher really puts the vibrant flowers and the glittering surface on display.

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    Happy spring, Epoxy Pros!

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