Game On: Epoxy Resin Game Boards and Pieces

Jun 15th 2023

Game On: Epoxy Resin Game Boards and Pieces

Customize Your Game

We're approaching autumn and that means (fingers crossed!), chilly winds and some cooler weather. Now, lower temperatures might equate to more time indoors, but that doesn't mean that fun is at a standstill­—it could mean more game nights, after all.

A trend we've noticed in the epoxy resin crafting community is the customization of gaming pieces—we're talking about resin dice, dominoes, chess pieces, chess boards, and more. For years, resin crafters have been exploring what it means to play a game with something made by your own hands, and this interest is only growing.

Whatever game piece you are looking to create, you need a mold to start out. You can purchase premade molds online or make your own with products like the Amazing Mold Maker from our friends at Alumilite! In the case of dice, premade molds can have different font choices for showing the numbers on each side, adding another level of personalization.

Epoxy Resin Dice

With the rise in popularity of tabletop gaming, more people are drawn to the idea of customized polyhedral dice sets and crafters have embraced the challenge. They are taking up epoxy resin arms in their effort to learn how to make dice—and how to make them truly special.

Tabletop Dice Sets

A dice set typically used for games like Dungeons and Dragons is composed of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and a percentile dice. Each number relates to how many sides the dice has.

In some cases, it helps to have multiples of a single type of dice. For instance, d4's are commonly used for damage, which means you’ll have to roll either several of them or one several times. Instead of having one d4, many players will have numerous dice sets that they mix and match. This allows them to have several of the same type of dice for their game.

There are also even individuals—quite a lot of them—who collect dice the same way others might collect coins or stamps. There are even special sets of dice that are no longer being manufactured that people have displayed in their homes!

Epoxy Resin Dice Customization

Artisans are not limited to only simplest possibilities, although having dice in whatever color you want is pretty cool on its own. Adventurous artists have taken to encapsulating items within dice—anything from live flowers to small figures—and making them shine with glitter or gold flakes. These unique approaches turn epoxy resin dice into treasured trinkets worthy of a dragon's hoard.

Speaking of which, take a look at some of the gems our customers have been making:

Custom resin dice by @sunflower.dice on Instagram.

@sunflower.dice’s purple pieces and swirling font have a certain magical quality about them.

Custom epoxy resin dice set by @dicehags on Instagram.

@dicehags' set captures the natural beauty of jasmine flowers in the palm of your hand.

Resin Figures and Miniature Props

Resin also plays a part in figure-making as well. Miniature resin figures and scenes are common tabletop props that can be used to visually represent scenery and create more immersive interactions between the players and the game. It is not unusual for players to build their own environments using miniatures trees, foliage, and buildings. You can even use resin to accent those environments by mixing it with dyes to create realistic-looking bodies of water, like lakes or ponds.

Epoxy Resin Dominoes

Whether you are playing a traditional game of dominoes or trying a variation, having your own set of custom dominoes is sure to be a game night conversation topic. Just as with resin dice, you have nearly limitless possibilities; you could use our ProMarine Supplies Pro Mica Powder pigments or Alumilite's dyes to achieve the brilliant colors of your choice, or you could encase flowers, petals, and even sand in your designs.

Here are some dazzling domino designs by our ProMarine customers:

Custom dominoes by @islandbreezeart on Instagram.

@islandbreezeart really lives up to their name with these sandy beach dominoes!

Custom dominoes set by @justicelee_ on Instagram.

@justicelee_'s fancy dominoes keychains are accentuated by pretty pieces of gold leaf.

Another example of custom dominoes is the bright and sparkling thumbnail image by @creativeartistryshop on Instagram.

Epoxy Resin Chess Boards and Chess Pieces

Sicilian Defense or Queen's Gambit? However you start your match, play off the naturally elegant design of a chessboard and its pieces by using epoxy resin. Elevate your game by adding your favorite colors to create a personalized epoxy resin chess set. You could even consider adding glitter or gold flakes to your epoxy resin chess pieces to add sparkle to your aesthetic.

Making an epoxy resin chess set might actually be easier than trying to learn the moves on a chessboard—at least, some of us think so! After all, there are so many molds you could purchase, whether you would like your rooks, pawns, and knights to be standard size or miniature.

Our epoxy resin crafters are capturing their opponent's pieces in style with their own creations!

Epoxy resin chess board by @nfhcustomdesign on Instagram.

@nfhcustomdesign achieves a smooth marble-like appearance with this custom board!

Custom epoxy resin chess set by on Instagram.'s customized chess pieces use alcohol ink to realize unique colors and textures!

Phone A Friend

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to share some of your own creations, feel free to reach out to us on our social media. Our customers frequently share their artwork with us on places like our Instagram! We also have an FAQs page available at any time, or you can contact us through our website.

Until next time, happy crafting (and gaming) to everyone!