Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: DIY Halloween Crafts

Jun 15th 2023

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: DIY Halloween Crafts

A collage of various decorative resin arts and crafts projects made with epoxy resin

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble: DIY Halloween Crafts

Whether you are looking to upgrade your Halloween decor or gift some spooky (or not so spooky) gifts for your loved ones, ProMarine Supplies and our epoxy resin products can help! Time and again, crafters find unique ways to incorporate seasonal items and themes into their artwork. With All Hallow's Eve upon us, we wanted to talk about some fun crafts for everyone to get in the spirit!

Candy Corn

Candy corn has been a staple snack for over 100 years and serves as a bright tricolored reminder of the Halloween season. As a result, embedding candy corn in a variety of resin projects is a common and colorful trend in the resin craft community. Some of the many possible Halloween arts and crafts include encasing candy corn in a variety of resin objects like pumpkins, trinket boxes, and coasters.

DIY Halloween crafts by @mwresinshop on Instagram.

Take a look at @mwresinshop's cute candy corn straw holder!


Not unlike candy corn, artisans have taken to encapsulating candy of all kinds to create bright-colored resin decorations. Whatever your favorite treat is, casting candy in resin shapes or making candy-inspired pieces creates a vibrant accent to your Halloween decor. Take a look at the unique works our customers have made!

Candy resin pyramid by @krafty_kreations_by_kesh on Instagram.

@krafty_kreations_by_kesh's colorful creation is what we would call sweet!

Jack-O'-Lanterns and Pumpkins

Everywhere, people are endlessly inspired by the sight, shape, and color of pumpkins. The tradition of carving Jack-O'-Lanterns didn't actually originate on the day of Halloween. Instead, pumpkin-carving came from an Irish myth about a man called Stingy Jack. Although it started with the idea of carving a turnip, it's pumpkins that we recognize most today.

Pumpkin molds for resin pours are widely available online, allowing you the chance to (more or less) grow your own patch of these festive gourds. Use your favorite colors or embedments like gold flakes and glitter to make them distinct or have them suit a specific aesthetic.

Pumpkin resin crafts by @jenlashuaart on Instagram.

Pumpkins and Jack-O'-Lanterns of festive colors really shine with @jenlashuaart's work!

Ouija Board

Are you still with us? Were you a crafter when you were alive? Yes? Well, now we'd like to talk about ouija boards. Since the 1890's ouija boards have been manufactured and used to communicate with spirits, predict catastrophes, and even solve mysteries. The mysterious appearance of the ouija and themes it evokes have evolved to be a popular aesthetic to adopt. In fact, the image of an ouija board, its associated text, and the planchette you move on it are recognizable icons on their own.

Ouija board-themed wine tumbler for halloween crafts by @kayleighskreation on Instagram.

What do we think of @kayleighskreation's sparkling wine tumbler? G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.


Alas, poor Yorick. We may not know him, but we do know epoxy resin. Resin skull planters, statues, and jewelry are among the many iterations we have seen of decor for this particular bone. Whether you are placing your skull creation on your mantel or using it to house a lovely bouquet, our products can give you a hand in making it.

Teal skull planter with plant by @islaluna_co on Instagram.

@islaluna_co's bright skull planter is brimming with life!


For some, they might strike fear, but this flying mammal's profile has become nearly synonymous with this spooky time of year. When it comes to crafting them, there's nothing to fear! Whether you dangle these nocturnal fliers from your ears to show off your Halloween spirit or incorporate them into your decor, bats are a great (and adorable) way to celebrate the festivities.

Halloween signs with bats covered in resin by @islandbreezeart on Instagram.

Having one of @islandbreezeart's signs hanging around is sure to complete the look!


With witches, something’s always brewing. Create your own artful concoctions inspired by witches, like many of our customers have taken to doing. We think an eye of newt and the proper proportions of our epoxy resin products would make for an artful recipe, indeed!

Sparkling witch's brew halloween crafts tumbler by @dulce_prints on Instagram.

A cup of witch's brew is just the thing coming from @dulce_prints's bubbly tumbler.

The Moon

Historically, the moon has symbolized a variety of things and is often in artwork that many might consider Halloween-themed. Perhaps it's the moon's connection to nighttime and, by association, the dark. Regardless of what mysteries the moon may hold, it is undoubtedly a memorable shape in spite of its silhouette's simplicity.

Light up the sky with your own resin moon or make Halloween or moon phase-inspired wall decor like the examples shown below. Moon trays are a common but no less stunning trend!

Warm colored tray of moon phases by @tartbytara on Instagram.

Serve up something spooky on @tartbytara's mystical moon tray!

Autumn Leaves

Use resin to preserve nature's biggest autumnal art show. Capture leaves of all colors and turns them into coasters to use throughout the season. Just make sure the leaves are dry before encasing them in resin, regardless of what you decide to make. The additional moisture from leaves can affect the curing process and cause bubbles.

Orange sparkling resin tumbler with leaf designs by @craftypynkscorpion on Instagram.

We just can't leaf it alone, @craftypynkscorpion's fall tumbler is truly lovely!

For Spine-Chilling Color...

Festive shapes aside, there are other ways we've come to recognize this particular holiday: with colors! For easy halloween crafts, all you need to do is incorporate colors that many people associate with Halloween in your work. Using powders like our Pro Mica Powder and liquid dyes, you can tint our resin products any color you wish! Usually, Halloween is correlated with orange and black, but we've definitely seen purples and greens integrated quite successfully in spooky resin projects.

Keep in mind that, if you are planning on tinting your epoxy, to start with a small amount of dye. It only takes a little to change resin into a vibrant shade and too much colorant can affect the cute of the resin.

You can also mix in glow-in-the-dark powder with our epoxy resins to produce something with an eerie glow. For more information on mixing glow-in-the-dark powder with resin, visit our blog post on the topic.

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Happy Halloween and, as always, happy crafting!